Barbara Keim murdered by daughter Hannah Stone with help from boyfriend and friend: Betrayed investigates

Hannah Stone in an interview from prison
Hannah Stone is serving a 100-year prison sentence for her role in the murder of her mother, Barbara Keim. Pic credit: Dr. Phil/ YouTube

This week on Betrayed, the team follows the case of Hannah Stone and her boyfriend, Spencer Krempetz, who plotted with their friend Aaron MacDonald to murder Stone’s mother, Barbara Keim.

In August 2005, 17-year-old Hannah Stone argued with her mother, Barbara Keim, over the teenager’s relationship with Krempetz, who Barbara perceived as a bad influence.

When Stone refused to break up with Krempetz, her mother insisted that she move out of the family home in Middlebury, Indiana.

Stone and Krempetz decide to murder Barbara Keim

Stone and Krempetz were so enraged at Barbara that they hatched a plan to rob and murder the 41-year-old. They first went to see their friend, MacDonald, 17, who agreed to help them with the murder in exchange for $400.

The trio went to Barbara’s apartment, where she opened the door to her daughter only to be tackled and tied up by Krempetz. Stone later said she kissed her mother on the cheek and put a pair of shoes on her before Krempetz led her bound up out of the house.

As Stone and Krempetz put their victim into a car, McDonald stole money and credit cards from Barbara. Krempetz and McDonald then drove to a cornfield in a neighboring county where Krempetz shot her dead.

The authorities saw Spencer Krempetz as the ringleader, and he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  McDonald was facing a 140-year prison sentence, but that was commuted to 62 years after he agreed to plead guilty.

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Hannah Stone pleaded guilty to murdering her mother and received a 100-year prison sentence. She later said in an interview, “I would do anything to go back.”

Krempetz committed suicide while in prison.

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3 years ago

It wasn’t worth it was it Hannah? You chose 2 lowlife losers over your own mother and now look where you are. What a disgrace you are.

Michele Bazinet
Michele Bazinet
3 years ago
Reply to  Donah

Cannot agree more…
Have no sympathy for Hannah Stone, not one bit…Silly woman…
“Would take it back…..” Wow !! A little late to say this….

3 years ago

Hers is one heck of a teenage rebellion. Prayers that she truly is contrite and makes the best of her sentence. It’s hard to have hope, with a 100-year sentence, but what matters in the end is what state your soul is in.

2 years ago
Reply to  Chelle

I hope she dies alone in her own filth in her prison cell.

2 years ago

May you burn in the lowest region of hell for all eternity for the brutal murder of the beautiful woman WHO GAVE YOU LIFE

6 months ago
Reply to  Scott

No such place

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