Qaw’mane Wilson murdered mother, Yolanda Holmes, to fund his rock star lifestyle: Suspicious Minds investigates

Mugshot of Qaw'mane Wilson
Qaw’mane hired Eugene Spencer to murder his mother, Yolanda Holmes so that he could inherit her money. Pic credit: Chicago Police Dept

Suspicious Minds on ID investigates a shocking case of matricide from Uptown, Chicago, Illinois, where Yolanda Holmes was killed in a murder-for-hire plot that shocked a tight-knit family.

Aspiring rapper Qaw’mane Wilson aka Young QC, hired hitman Eugene Spencer to kill Yolanda, his mother, so he could inherit her money and live the lifestyle of a rock star.

Yolanda Holmes was the beloved owner of a beauty shop on the northside of Chicago, who doted on her only son, Qaw’mane. She did all she could to stop him from getting mixed up with criminal gangs like had happened to his father. She gave him all he needed and showered him with gifts, including a Ford Mustang.

As it happens, it wasn’t enough for the 23-year-old Qaw’mane, who was determined to get his hands on more of his mom’s money. So he offered hitman Eugene Spencer $3,500 to murder Yolanda.

In the early morning hours of September 2, 2012, Spencer broke into Yolanda’s apartment, where he found her sleeping with her boyfriend, Curtis Wyatt.

Spencer fatally shot and stabbed Yolanda before Wyatt was able to fight him off and force him to flee the scene. Wyatt would later identify Spencer as the killer.

Qaw’mane Wilson flashed Yolanda Holmes’s money around town

After the murder, Qaw’mane Wilson helped himself to the cash from his dead mother’s bank accounts. Over the course of several months, he withdrew $70,000, which he splashed around the neighborhood on various showy items.

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He bought himself flashy clothes, gold chains, guns, and marijuana, and he customized his Mustang with gull-wing doors. On one occasion, he produced a video for YouTube where he threw money into the faces of his so-called ‘fans.’ In the end, he only paid Spencer $70 for the murder.

When the cops caught up to Qaw’mane, he admitted he’d plotted against his mother for financial gain, but denied murder. He claimed Spencer was only supposed to rob Yolanda. Unfortunately for Qaw’mane, the investigators didn’t believe him, and he was charged with murder.

Earlier this year, Qaw’mane Wilson and Eugene Spencer were found guilty of murder and were sentenced to 99 years and 100 years, respectively. A Loriana Johnson was previously imprisoned for 14 years due to her role as a getaway driver for Spencer.

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