Audrie Pott’s sexual assault and public shaming led to her suicide – ID spotlights the tragedy

This episode Web of Lies examines the tragic case of teen Audrie Pott, who was then sexually assaulted whilst drunk at a party and then killed herself after humiliating photos were posted on social media.

September 3, 2012, Saratoga, California, and 15-year-old high school student Pott decided to go to a party with a bunch of other teens. At the party Pott became very drunk and, whilst she was incapacitated, several 16-year-old boys sexually assaulted her, they also drew and wrote on her body with marker pens.

They then took photos and then sent them over MMS and social media, resulting in Pott being humiliated and bullied. So much so that on September 12 the teenager hung herself, first responders managed to get her breathing artificially again but her brain had been starved of oxygen too long and she died.

Eventually three 16-year-old boys, who’d known Pott for years, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her at the party. The teenagers were tried as juveniles and two were give 30 days in juveniles hall, with the third given 45 days. The sentences were to be served over series of weekends.

Pott’s parents also filed a civil suit against the boys, to test if they were directly responsible for their daughter’s death. The case never made it to trial and a settlement was reached whereupon two of the boys agreed to apologize in court, admit their role in Pott’s death, pay a total of $950,000 and also take lecturers regards sexual assaults and sexting.

After paying legal and medical expenses, her parents set up the non-profit Audrey Pott Fondation that aims to prevent suicides, tackle cyberbulling and educate about sexual assault.

There is also a documentary, titled Audrie and Daisy, that explores the case and that of Daisy Coleman.

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