Anthony Lord murdered Kyle Hewitt and Kevin Tozier – Evil Lives Here examines his crimes

Following the death of his infant son, Anthony Lord went on a two-day crime spree that included kidnapping, arson, and murder. Pic credit: Maine State Police

The murder of Kyle Hewitt and Kevin Tozier by Anthony Lord are examined as ID’s Evil Lives Here revisits a crime spree in small-town Maine. It all started when Jamie Clark fell for the wrong guy.

Clark didn’t have the best track history when it came to love. So when she met Anthony Lord, she hoped that would change. They fell in love and even had a baby, Larry, born in October 2014.

The love didn’t last long, sadly, especially when she discovered that Lord, 35, was a convicted sex offender. His lengthy criminal record also includes assault, theft, and probation violation.

By the following spring, Clark had moved on with a new boyfriend and a new house. But that newfound joy was not to last, either.

In May 2015, Lord’s infant son, Larry, was beaten to death in his home in Millinocket, Maine. He’d reportedly been beaten so badly that he had a skull fracture and bleeding in his brain.

Clark’s boyfriend at the time, Jessee Mackin, was arrested and charged with manslaughter over the baby’s death. As of 2017, his trial was postponed.

In July of that same year, Anthony Lord went on a shooting rampage that lasted over two days and spanned two counties in Maine.

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On the morning of July 16, Lord set fire to a barn, stole firearms from a nearby home, and then tied a man to a chair and beat him.

From there, Lord drove over to his ex-girlfriend’s house and shot her current boyfriend, Kyle Hewitt. He kidnapped his ex, Brittany Irish, from the home and then proceeded to shoot her mother (she survived the attack).

With Irish in tow, Lord drove over to a woodlot and proceeded to kill another man, Kevin Tozier, after stealing a truck.

All in all, Lord shot five people during his crime spree.

He pleaded guilty to two counts each of murder, attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault, and theft of firearms, as well as one count each of aggravated assault, arson, and eluding an officer.

He was sentenced to life in prison. At his sentencing hearing, he said it was his son’s murder that caused him to “crack,” and that he was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and had been frustrated with the lack of progress in the police investigation into his son’s death.

His alleged kidnapping victim, Brittany Irish, also placed some of the blame of the crime on the police for the stalled investigation into the murder of Larry Lord.

Evil Lives Here airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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1 year ago

I watch this show. I just can’t understand how people can be so Evil. But they are around us. We just don’t see it until they want us to…

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