Amy and Rosmore Vilardi charged with killing four members of their family: Cold Justice investigates

Mugshots of Amy and Ross Vilardi
Amy and Ross Vilardi are suspected of committing a quadruple homicide. Pic credit: Anderson County Sheriff’s Office

Cold Justice is investigating the alleged crimes of Amy and Rosmore “Ross” Vilardi, who are accused of murdering four members of Amy’s family at their home near Pendleton in Anderson County, South Carolina.

On November 2, 2015, Amy Vilardi contacted the sheriff’s office to report the deaths of her 60-year-old mother, Cathy Scott; 85-year-old grandmother, Violet Taylor; 58-year-old stepfather, Mike Scott; and his 80-year-old mother, Barbara Scott.

The four victims had been brutally stabbed and shot, leaving a gruesome scene that many of the investigators said was the worst they’d seen in their careers.

The cops found no sign of forced entry or of a struggle and ruled the four had been killed three days previously on Halloween.

Amy and her husband, Ross Vilardi, lived in a neighboring house on the same property as the four victims. At the time, the pair gave an emotional interview on TV lamenting the murders that shocked this rural community.

Amy Vilardi told the reporter the family members were “wonderful people” and “they would do anything for anybody. They just didn’t deserve this.”

The Vilardi couple later sued the sheriff’s office, hoping to reclaim items seized during the investigation, including $60,000 in cash and two vehicles.

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Amy and Ross Vilardi were charged with quadruple homicide eight years later

Despite the national attention drawn to these horrific murders, they remained unsolved until December 2023, when it was announced that Amy and Ross Vilardi were arrested and charged.

Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride said that the couple had always been people of interest in the case. He wouldn’t elaborate on what caused the breakthrough, stating that the details would come out during a trial.

Sheriff McBride said, “We know how important this case is to the county of Anderson, citizens of Pendleton, and the Five Forks community. This is a case that rocked our communities very hard.”

Anderson County Sheriff social media post about arrest
Pic credit: Anderson County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

McBride also said, “I think we knew this day was coming; we were praying this day would come. So far, a lot of prayers have been answered.”

Amy and Ross Vilardi await trial as prosecution claims motive was money

The Vilardi couple are still in custody, awaiting their trial after the pair were refused bond in February 2024.

Two shanks were allegedly discovered in Amy Vilardi’s cell, and another inmate reportedly overheard her say she “was getting out of here one way or the other.”

The prosecution has claimed that Amy Vilardi was the mastermind behind the killings and that their motivation was financial.

If convicted, Amy and Ross Vilardi will likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

Cold Justice airs Sundays at 8/7c on Oxygen.

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Please convict these two.

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