The Craigslist Killer Richard Beasley spotlighted on American Monster

Richard Beasley, dubbed The Craigslist Killer by the press, is the subject of this episode of American Monster.

Beasley began his killing spree in 2011 when he started to lure his victims to their death through job adverts on Craigslist.

He teamed up with Brogan Rafferty, who was just 16 years old when the crimes were committed.

The victims were all down-on-their-luck men and were told to come to a farm in order to pick up some work. Once there they were shot dead.

Three men were murdered and one had a lucky escape when he was shot in the arm and ran into nearby woods to call the police.

The escape by Scott Davis alerted the police to Beasley’s past murders and finally brought him to justice.

Beasley’s other victims were Timothy Kern, 47, Ralph Geiger, 56, and David Pauley, 51.

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In April 2013 Beasley was sentenced to death with the prosecutor describing him as the “worst of the worst”.

His mother said he had a difficult childhood and the defense psychologist said he suffered from depression and was an alcoholic.

Rafferty avoided the death penalty on account of his young age at the time of the crimes and instead was given life.

Chillingly, Beasley was known for having family and faith at the center of his life — as these home videos show.

American Monster airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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harry cracke
harry cracke
4 years ago

FAith…just like the Trump MAGA f**kers.>? Following their porn star messiah…that kind of faith??

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