American Detective exclusive: Kumba Sesay murder explored on new episode

Detective Joe Kenda on ID
Detective Joe Kenda narrates the case of Kumba Sesay who was killed in Houston. Pic credit: ID

The next American Detective for discovery+ takes us to Texas, where host Det. Joe Kenda analyzes a mysterious murder. 

On Radio Silence, the body of a promising young radio host turns up in a ditch next to the road in south Houston. 

When Detective Brian Harris arrives to determine who wanted the second-generation immigrant, Kumba Sesay, dead, he finds a complex backstory of love, deceit, and betrayal.

Exclusive preview of Radio Silence

In Monsters and Critics exclusive preview, Lt. Joe Kenda lays out the detectives’ investigation and features Detective Perez, who says:

“I received a phone call from a man named Carlton Turney. He said that he’s a concert promoter. He has an ID that was found.”

Kenda interjects as the narrative builds and says: “This individual had called up Perez and said he’d been following the story on the news.”

Perez illuminated the scenario: “He was putting on a party, and he rented out a warehouse in the southeast side of town, further east of where the body was found. The party was Saturday, July 2, the night of the murder.” He adds: “Later on that evening, he got a phone call from this guy who owns the warehouse [who says] one of your people from your party dropped their ID, so this probably belongs to one of them.”

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The plot thickens as Kenda says: “He hands the ID card to Perez and Harris, and it’s the ID card of Kumba Sesay.”

He adds: “Not only is it her ID, it is smeared with blood. So now you have a working theory that Kumba was at this party late on Saturday night, so the likelihood is great that the shooting occurs in the parking lot and somehow or other the ID card falls out of that car. The problem is the identity of the person behind this is still a mystery. Who are they, and why do they want this young woman dead?”

The death of Kumba Sesay

In 2016, the body of Kumba Sesay was discovered in a southeast Houston (Texas) ditch. ABC Channel 13 (KTRK) reported on the incident at the time, where Crime Stoppers issued a $5000 reward for leads.

HPD investigators told KTRK that a “dark-colored sedan stopped in the area around 1:30 am Sunday and then left a short time later.”

Also reported in that news item was the theft of Sesay’s Volkswagen Beetle.

KTRK reported that Sesay was entrepreneurial and a loved member of the community and had played high school basketball at Hightower and went on to play at Paul Quinn College.

Her family released a press statement that partially read: “[We] trust that the authorities will handle this tragic situation and want her memory to be honored.”

American Detective streams Wednesday, February 9 on discovery+

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When women hang around with men whose backgrounds have not been substantiated or even just questionable
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