Amandeep Atwal was murdered by her own father who disapproved of her relationship

Teenager Amandeep Atwal was in love with her boyfriend Todd McIsaac but her father was not happy with their relationship, Forbidden: Dying for Love shows how his anger turned deadly.

Amandeep Atwal has started seeing her boyfriend, Todd McIsaac, in high school, but her parents to not approve. The pair managed to keep their relationship a secret until they were involved in a car accident and her parents found out the truth.

After leaving high school Amandeep moved to Prince George, where she and Todd set up home. Over the summer she decided to spend a last holiday with her family in Vancouver, but it was was at the end of the break when things turned deadly.

Her father, Rajinder Atwal, offered to run his 17-year-old daughter back to Prince George but the journey was never completed. Atwal turned up at hospital claiming his daughter had committed suicide.

However, the forensic examination revealed that several of the stab wounds had been inflicted after death and Atwal was arrested for Amandeep’s murder.

In 2005 he was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to at least 16 years in prison before being eligible for parole.

The judge told Atwal his was a “selfish act of the highest order, beyond the comprehension of any reasonable person.”

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Cheryl D Shuler
Cheryl D Shuler
3 years ago

I understand that their family have a different kind of raising their kids but she is a Teenager in love why not be happy for your child. Not stabbed her to death..Dam shame

3 years ago

Very stupid man,now he has to sit in jail and think about what he has done.young life snuffed out because of love for another race.If Indian can accept western cuture
then they should not migrate.

3 years ago

Omg this story shook me. Such a beautiful life. She doesn’t deserve to die this way. He deserve to ROT in jail!! You were so ashamed of your daughter dating outside her race. I think you should be ashamed of yourself and think about how much more shameful it is to kill your own child. There is no excuse or compassion for these kind of things. He deserve life in prison, no parole. It’s pre-mediated murder. 25 years in Canada and cannot adopt to the western culture! RIP Amin!

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