Alleged abuse by YouTuber Greg Jackson aka Onision of former partners examined on ID

Onsion on his YouTube Channel
Onision, aka Greg Jackson, has been accused of domestic abuse, but no charges have been brought against the YouTuber. Pic credit: Onision/YouTube

Onision: In Real Life airs tonight on ID and is investigating the allegations of abuse by celebrity YouTuber Greg Jackson of his former partners.

Jackson began posting videos to YouTube in 2007 and has since established himself as a popular but controversial online celebrity with the professional name of Onision.

His online content primarily focuses on comedy sketches and dark humor, but he has also dealt with topics such as self-harm and suicide. He has regularly courted controversy with his online content.

However, there have also been accusations of much darker behavior, which has led to the involvement of law enforcement agencies. These allegations have included abusing up to six former partners.

Former partner Shiloh Hoganson has come forward to accuse Jackson of abuse during their relationship in 2011.

A video of the pair resurfaced in 2019 where Jackson can be heard saying, “You know this video is never going to be online, right? No one will ever know how much I abuse you.” He then throws candy corn at her as she asks him to stop.”

Another woman Billie Dawn Webb has come forward to say that she was pressured into a sexual relationship by Jackson. He was also accused of releasing her personal details online, which caused him to be banned from the Patreon platform.

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FBI investigate Greg Jackson

From at least the beginning of 2020, the FBI has been involved in an investigation into Onision. They are reported to be examing old footage from Jackson’s YouTube channels.

There have been no charges brought against the YouTuber regarding any of the allegations.

Jackson has vehemently denied all the accusations and has issued a rebuttal on his YouTube Channel to the documentary shown on ID tonight.

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Onision: In Real Life airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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