Allegations of sexual grooming by YouTube star Greg ‘Onision’ Jackson examined in Onision: In Real Life on Discovery+

Greg Jackson on YouTube
Greg Jackson, aka Onision, has been accused o sexual abuse and underage grooming. He denies all the accusations. Pic credit: Discovery+

The saga surrounding disgraced YouTube star Greg Jackson, aka Onision, continues today with Discovery+ releasing the fourth episode of Onision: In Real Life, which will continue to examine allegations of sexual abuse, underage grooming, and predatory behavior that have dogged the social media star for two years.

Jackson first began posting videos to YouTube in 2007 under the professional name of Onision. His videos focused on comedy sketches and dark humor, but he also explored topics such as self-harm and suicide. In a short space of time, he generated a large and loyal fanbase and a lot of controversy.

Greg Jackson faces multiple accusations of abuse

Ever since 2019, he has been mired in allegations of sexual and physical abuse of ex-partners and of underage grooming and predatory behavior. Former partners such as Shiloh Hoganson and Billie Dawn Webb have come forward to publicly say they were abused by Jackson in the past. At the time, a video resurfaced, which appeared to show him abusing Hoganson.

Hoganson also publicly accused Jackson of abuse at Investigation Discovery’s online event in February 2021, IDCON: Dead of Winter.

And investigative journalist and host of To Catch A Predator, Chris Hansen, has spent the last year trying to unearth evidence against Jackson.

After the third episode of Onision: In Real Life aired last January, YouTube took the unusual step of demonetizing Jackson’s channel over fears of possible child abuse. It should be noted that despite the attention of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, as of May 2021, Jackson has not been charged with any crimes, and he continues to maintain his innocence.

The fourth episode, released today by Discovery+, will focus on Jackson’s alleged youngest victim. Known only as Sarah, she claims to have been groomed by Jackson and his husband, Kai, for a number of years. This show will feature numerous interviews with Sarah as she tells her story.

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Sarah will speak about how she first became an Onision fan at age 12 and then, at 14, she managed to contact the YouTuber through his husband, Kai, on social media. The three then formed a five-year relationship where Sarah says she was groomed and sexually abused.

When Sarah was 15, she was invited by Jackson and Kai to come to their home in Washington, and when she was 16, her mother gave them power of attorney over her. She spent the next three years living at their house at various times. On the show, Sarah states: “I was just like a toy for them.”

Greg Jackson, aka Onision, dismisses Sarah’s accusations

Jackson has repeatedly denied the accusations against him, and in the case of Sarah, he admitted to having sex with her after she turned 18, but he claims that she actually pressurized him into it.

In his latest YouTube video, he claimed that Sarah had raped him and blackmailed him using sextortion. He also accused her of cashing in on the allegations and selling her story to Discovery+ so she could put a down payment on a house.

Below is a video from Chris Hansen’s personal YouTube channel.

Those who have experienced or are aware of online grooming or predatory behavior are encouraged to contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST or report it to the CyberTipline at

Onision: In Real Life – Sarah Speaks begins streaming from Thurs May 27 on Discovery+

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