Alexandria Duvel was charged with her twin sister’s murder after their car plunged off a cliff

Alexandria and Anastasia Duval performing yoga
Alexandria and Anastasia Duval were yoga instructors before their car fell 200 ft off a cliff in Hawaii. Pic credit: ABC News/ YouTube

In May 2016, twin sisters Alexandria and Anastasia Duval were driving along the narrow winding roads of Maui, Hawaii, when their car plunged 200 ft off a cliff. Alexandria was injured and taken to hospital, but her twin Anastasia was killed.

Investigators were suspicious of Alexandria and began to think she had deliberately driven the car off the cliff to kill her twin.

Alexandria’s behavior after the crash was seen as peculiar; Anastasia’s boyfriend said she tried to seduce him while wearing her dead sister’s clothes.

Witnesses reported that the two sisters had been fighting with each other, roaring and shrieking as their car careened towards the cliff edge. A witness also claimed that Anastasia, who was seated in the passenger seat, was viciously yanking at Alexandria’s hair.

Alexandria was initially arrested in Hawaii but was released shortly after when a judge ruled that there was no probable cause for a murder case. She was re-arrested a few months later after traveling to New York.

Alexandria was extradited on a charge of second-degree murder from New York to Hawaii, where she chose to forgo a trial by jury preferring instead to have a judge rule on the case.

Friends and family, and an ex-boyfriend described how the two young siblings had a very volatile relationship; they were known to be competitive and quite combative with each other and to have arguments that sometimes became violent.

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Before Alexandria’s trial, an ex-boyfriend of Anastasia’s described an incident where, after drinking heavily, Anastasia had kicked his hand while he was driving, causing him to veer into the left-hand lane.

He also said that he thought Alexandria was innocent and that the two sisters “cared about each other more than anything else.”

Alexandria Duval was found innocent of murder

In January 2018, Hawaii Circuit Judge Peter Cahil ruled that Alexandria was not guilty of murder and that the incident was a tragic accident.

In an interview with ABC’s Dr. Phil after her trial, Alexandria admitted that she thought herself and her sister might have been fighting in the car.

Duval claims she woke up at the bottom of the ravine with no memory as to what had happened. She was unaware that her twin sister had perished until several days later when she was informed in the hospital.

The pair had previously faced bankruptcy in Florida and had drunk and disorderly charges levied against them in Utah. In one incident in Utah, the police said the twins fought with each other, including pulling hair after their car slid off the road into a ditch. Alexandria denies this incident.

At the time of the crash, there was a warrant out for their arrest in Hawaii following their failure to appear in court over a disorderly charge.

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