Alan Duvall murdered by wife Tami for money: Fatal Vows investigates tonight

Alan and Tami sitting in the garden holding hands
Alan and Tami sitting in their garden portraying an image of a happy couple. Pic credit: Family photo.

In August 2007, Tami Duvall murdered her husband Alan by poisoning him, she then attempted to collect payment of a $100,000 life insurance policy of which she was the sole beneficiary. However, family and friends were highly suspicious of Alan’s death and they weren’t going to let her get away with it.

Duvall dialed 911 informing the operator that her husband (62) was dead, “I think he’s dead”, she also stated at the time that he had a drinking problem.

When police visited the scene they found Alan slumped in a deckchair in the back yard. Initially, police suspected Alan had died of natural causes, alcohol poisoning was also a theory.

Alan and Tami had met late in life, they were only married two years and had tied the knot after only 12 weeks of dating. Family and friends were suspicious of Tami’s motives towards Alan, and after his death, many urged police to fully investigate Tami.

Even Tami’s own daughter emailed police voicing suspicions over Alan’s death. When Tami attempted to have Alan cremated within 24 hours of his death Det. Marc Kruchten stepped in, ordering an autopsy to be performed first.

The autopsy revealed that Alan had ingested high quantities of morphine and muscle relaxant cyclobenzaprine. The lack of drug packaging near Alan’s body ruled out suicide.

Police then discovered that the couple had been experiencing financial difficulties and had been living apart for months. They also learned that Tami was having an extra-marital affair with a local insurance salesman. Her new boyfriend had recently drawn up a life insurance policy for Alan, with Tami has the sole beneficiary.

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Eyewitnesses started to contradict Tami’s assertions that she had dialed 911 immediately after discovering Alan’s body. They also contradicted her claims that Alan had a drug problem.

It then became clear that Tami, a nurse’s assistant, had stolen the drugs from her workplace. Police believe she then placed them into a pudding she had made and fed it to Alan.

Tami was charged and convicted of murder, insurance fraud, and obstruction of justice, she was sentenced to over 60 years in prison.

The episode “Death for Dessert” airs on Fatal Vows tonight at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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