Accused serial killer Richard Walter Bradley lured victims to Game Farm Park with the promise of buried gold, cops say

Mugshot of Richard Bradley
Richard Bradley is facing a life sentence if convicted on four murder charges. Pic credit: King County Sheriff’s Office

Prosecutors in King County, Washington, have charged Richard Walter Bradley with three counts of murder in addition to the murder charge he was already facing.

It has also emerged that the alleged serial killer lured his victims to the sprawling Game Farm Park in Auburn, WA, by asking them to help him dig up buried gold.

The 40-year-old Bradley has been in custody since May 2021, when he was accused of killing 44-year-old Brandi Blake. This month, the murders of 59-year-old Michael Goeman and his son, 31-year-old Vance Lakey, along with the death of 36-year-old Emilio Raul Maturin, were added to the list.

Blake’s remains were uncovered in a shallow grave in May 2021; she had been killed by blunt force trauma.

At the time, investigators found three human ribs about 30 feet away, which have since been identified by DNA testing as belonging to Maturin. He was last seen alive in July 2019.

Goeman and Lakey were shot dead in March 2021, and their bodies were found on a dirt track near the park.

Richard Bradley accused of killing and robbing Brandi Blake and Emilio Maturin in Washington park

The police suspect Bradley concocted a story of buried gold to coax his victims into the park where he murdered them. Maturin’s girlfriend told the cops she had overheard Bradley telling her boyfriend he needed help retrieving a stash of gold. She said Maturin was initially reluctant but decided to go along.

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Maturin and Blake were both known for carrying large amounts of cash on their persons. Blake had won $20,000 shortly before being killed, and Goeman had recently received a large inheritance.

Prosecutors are accusing Bradley of killing his four victims and stealing their cars and whatever cash they had on them.

Brandi Blake selfie
Richard Bradley has been accused of killing Brandi Blake in Auburn, Washington. Pic credit: Family pic

At the time of the Goeman and Lakey murders, Bradley was considered a person of interest after he was caught paying someone to break into a tow lot to set fire to Goeman and Lakey’s impounded SUV.

Alleged serial killer Richard Bradley is facing a lengthy sentence

Bradley was undone after witnesses came forward, stating they had seen him driving cars belonging to Blake and Maturin. He was also allegedly seen with a shovel near Blake’s vehicle in the park.

The accused serial killer is now facing four charges of murder and several charges of illegally possessing firearms and arson. He was previously convicted of robbery, vehicular assault, and possession of an unregistered firearm.

Bradley is currently being held without bail, and he faces life in prison if convicted.

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