20/20 talks to Darla Jackson who killed US sailor Zach Buob in shocking road rage incident

This week on 20/20, the shocking road rage incident between and biker that resulted in his death as she mowed him down in her car.

It was California and May 28, 2005, where Darla Jackson and  Zach Buob got into an altercation in rush hour traffic on the Interstate 5 close to San Diego. Buob was on his motorcycle and had seemingly been cut up by Jackson in her Nissan Altima.

Zach Buob lost his life when he was pushed off his bike
Zach Buob lost his life when he was pushed off his bike

He seems to have shouted at her and at some point maybe kicked her car. Nothing too wild in terms of road rage, but what happened next took his life and ruined hers. She pursued him and as he slowed in traffic she hit his motorcycle, pushing him for 300 yards along the highway before running over him completely when he fell off.

The 39-year-old Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy died of his injuries in hospital and Jackson was charged with first-degree murder.

Darla Jackson
Darla Jackson says she now regrets her moment of madness

She later pled guilty to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter and was given a six year sentence.

Jackson now deeply regrets the incident and this week she speaks to 20/20 about her actions that day.

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