Who is Brandon Kapas? Suspected Palm Bay shooter killed three people included a Catholic priest

Mugshot of Brandon Kapas
Brandan Kapas is suspected of killing three people and wounding two officers in Palm Bay. Pic credit: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

The police in Palm Bay, Florida, are dealing with the aftermath of a spree shooting on Sunday, which left four people dead, including the suspected shooter, Brandon Kapas, and two officers wounded.

On January 28, the PBP responded to calls of a domestic disturbance at a birthday party. The 911 caller was allegedly the shooter’s uncle, and he warned that his nephew was armed.

When the cops arrived, 24-year-old Kapas burst out the front door and passed the officers. According to Police Chief Mariano Angello, Kapas was tasered after he refused to comply.

There was a struggle with the officers, but Kapas managed to break free, and a gun battle ensued.

The cops fatally shot Kapas at the scene. Tragically, Kapas’s grandfather, 78-year-old William Kapas, was shot dead, reportedly by his grandson. The police said Kapas senior was trying to help when the suspect killed him.

The two police officers are expected to survive their injuries, but one of them was transported to a hospital with serious injuries.

A collection of firearms and ammo
The PBP says this arsenal of firearms and ammo was in the possession of Brandon Kapas. Pic credit: Palm Bay Police Department

The cops uncovered a stolen vehicle, allegedly used by Kapas, that was packed with an arsenal of weapons.

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Catholic priest Father Bob Hoeffner and sister Sally found dead in Palm Bay shooting

The PBP went to a house where the car was registered and made a gruesome discovery. They found two more victims.

A retired Catholic priest from the Orlando Diocese, 76-year-old Fr. Bob Hoeffner, and his sister, Sally Hoeffner, were found fatally shot at the home they shared.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has detained Brandon Kapas on two other occasions. He received a DUI – alcohol or drugs charge and was accused of resisting an officer in 2018. And last December, he was arrested on charges of DUI and reckless driving. These offenses were all classed as misdemeanors.

Motivation of suspect Brandon Kapas for Palm Bay shootings remain unknown

There is not much known yet about Kapas or his motives for the shootings. Police Chief Angello said the recovery of a large cache of handguns and other weapons means the suspect may have been planning a larger attack.

His booking history at Brevard County Sheriff’s Office indicated he lived on Palm Bay’s Forgal Avenue, which is where Sunday’s shooting occurred.

The Diocese of Orlando and other church-affiliated organizations have paid tribute to Fr. Bob Hoeffner and his sister, Sally Hoeffner, calling them beloved members of the community who will be greatly missed.

The Bishop of Orlando, John Noonan, added his sympathy to the two wounded officers, writing, “We also pray for the two police officers who were injured yesterday and for our public servants who safeguard our community, and extend our gratitude to them during this difficult time.”

The Palm Bay Police Department also extended its “heartfelt thoughts and prayers” to the victims of this incident and the families of the two officers.

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