Murders of teenagers Kyle Morgan and Paige Stalker spotlighted on ID

Family pics of Kyle Morgan and Paige Stalker
Kyle Morgan and Paige Stalker were two teenagers, both murdered in circumstances that baffled police officers. Pic credits: Family pics

This week on Still A Mystery, the team investigates the killing of two teenagers.  Kyle Morgan was found dead under a bridge in Wheeling, West Virginia in 2016, and Paige Stalker was gunned down in an ambush in Detroit, Michigan.

Both these cases have generated multiple potential suspects, yet they remain unsolved, leaving investigators baffled.

The murder of Kyle Morgan

Kyle Morgan was only 15 years old when he traveled from Moundsville, West Virginia, to Wheeling to see his mother on June 22, 2016. He never arrived at his mother’s place, which triggered a frantic search for the high schooler.

Fifteen hours later, his remains were found under the Fort Henry Bridge. An autopsy report listed the cause of death as a blunt force trauma to the head.

The police conducted numerous interviews and studied surveillance footage, but every lead ended in a dead-end. They received many anonymous and non-anonymous tips at potential suspects, but each one turned out to have a rock-solid alibi.

The murder of Paige Stalker

On December 22, 2014, 16-year-old Paige Stalker was sitting with friends in a car on the Detroit Grosse Pointe Park border when a gunman opened fire. At least 30 rounds were fired into the vehicle.

Three other people in the car were seriously injured but survived the ambush. Unfortunately, Stalker died of her injuries.

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In January of 2015, investigators had suggested that robbery or carjacking was most likely the motive for the killing. However, they have since stated that they now believe the killer knew at least one of the victims.

An hour before Paige’s mother heard her daughter had been taken to the hospital, Paige had telephoned to say they were “going to pick someone up” but would be right back.

There is a vague description of the killer who has been described as a black male wearing dark clothing, armed with an assault rifle, and driving a light-colored vehicle. A reward of $163,000 has been offered for any information leading to an arrest.

More from Still A Mystery

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Still A Mystery airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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Former cop.
Former cop.
3 years ago

Horrible job by detectives after watching the show. No follow through. Very little investigation. No.pressure on suspects or witnesses. They should be fired.

Former cop.
Former cop.
3 years ago

That comment is regarding the morgan murder investigation.

3 months ago
Reply to  Former cop.

Kyle is my son and it is coming up on the 8 year anniversary and I honestly couldn’t agree with you more!!!

3 years ago

Grandma and her grandson know what happened to Kyle Morgan. The police department is incompetent (didn’t make connection between Kyle and the body under the bridge for a WEEK??). Mom needs to hire a private investigator, possibly serve Grandma in a civil case, put up a reward and billboard, protest in front of grandma’s house… I am heartbroken for the mom I almost want to quit my job and come help her!! The answers are there… don’t give up Mom!!

3 years ago

Such a devastating tragedy for both families. And, the families have no justice. Paige is Madison Stalkers little sister from Below Deck:Sailing Yacht. They look a lot alike.

2 years ago

Hi. Detroit is a sad place with the cruelest and ruthless people in the world. In July 2020 a man kidnapped me held me overnight and did unimaginable things to me that will be forever indebted into my head. The biggest problem Detroit Police Department only charged him with simple assault. 911 hung up on me oh, so I went to Instagram I tell people I love them if I didn’t make it out alive. I have yet to tell one single person the entire events of what transpired on that Dreadful night not one person has asked or bothered to care

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