Murder of Stephanie McClurg by her husband, Jason McClurg, featured on Til Death Do Us Part

Jason McClurg photo
Jason McClurg killed his wife by lacing her Kool-Aid with prescription medication at their home in Winona, Missouri. Pic credit: Shannon County Jail

The murder of Stephanie McClurg by her husband, Jason McClurg, is featured in the latest episode of Til Death Do Us Part on Investigation Discovery.

On May 4, 2014, officers with the Winona Police Department were dispatched to a home in Winona, Missouri, after receiving a 911 call from Jason claiming he found his wife unresponsive when he returned to his home from visiting family.

By the time emergency first responders arrived at the scene, it was too late as Stephanie, 32, was already dead from a drug overdose.

Jason went on social media and played the heartbroken husband. In a Facebook post, he wrote: “To my wife Stephanie McClurg our wedding song, I miss and love u so much and I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you I tried so hard baby.”

An investigation revealed that Stephanie’s death was no accident. It was her husband who killed her by lacing her Kool-Aid with high blood pressure medication. He told her that their 2-year-old son made it so that she could drink it, and she did—not knowing his sinister plan.

That wasn’t the first time Jason tried to kill his wife. The day before Stephanie was killed, he laced her Kool-Aid with motion sickness medication, but he called a friend and said it didn’t work.

He then used his cell phone to search the internet for the exact dosage that would lead to an overdose.

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Jason admitted to killing his wife, but he did not give a motive. All he told the witness was that he wanted to get rid of Stephanie.

Police arrested Jason on first-degree murder charges. He was booked into the Shannon County Jail in Eminence and held without bond.

In 2016, Jason was found guilty. He was also convicted of escaping the Shannon County Jail while the inmates were outside watching the fireworks on the fourth of July in 2014.

He was captured a few days later at a camper trailer near his hometown.

Jason was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Til Death Do Us Part — Love Sick, airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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