Murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman and trial of O.J. Simpson examined on O.J. and Nicole: An American Tragedy

Mugshot of OJ Simpson
OJ Simpson was accused and acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Pic credit: LAPD

O.J. and Nicole: An American Tragedy on Investigation Discovery is examining the events surrounding the murder of Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, both of whom were stabbed to death outside Brown’s home in Brentwood, California.

The police arrested and charged former NFL legend O.J. Simpson with the murder. In what proved to be a case that was brimming with controversy, Simpson was eventually acquitted of all charges and released.

On June 12, 1994, neighbors of Brown were first alerted that something was wrong when they came across her pet dog, who rather ominously had bloody paws. The agitated animal eventually led them to the murdered bodies of 34-year-old Brown and 25-year-old Goldman.

The details of the murder were vicious, Brown had been stabbed 12 times, and Goldman was stabbed an incredible 25 times. The pair were lying on the sidewalk in front of Brown’s condominium.

Earlier in the evening, Brown had eaten with family members at the restaurant where Goldman worked as a waiter. Her mother had left her glasses behind, and Goldman had gone to her house to return them. The pair had been friends, although some have speculated that they were having a romantic affair.

Brown’s former husband, NFL player turned actor, OJ Simpson, was a suspect from the outset. She had divorced the star in 1992 because of the abusive nature of their relationship. And the evidence against Simpson appeared extensive.

When the cops went to Simpson’s home, they found a trail of blood leading from his car to the front door. They also found a bloody glove similar to one found at the crime scene.

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The cops also discovered Simpson’s blood at the crime scene, and footprints left behind also matched a pair of his sneakers. Fibers from Goldman and Brown were also found at his home.

O.J. Simpson took the LAPD on a bizarre low-speed car chase

Simpson agreed to surrender to the police. However, on June 17, he tried to escape in what turned into possibly the world’s most famous car chase. The former footballer led the LAPD through the streets of LA in his now-iconic white Ford Bronco in a slow-speed chase that was broadcast on TV screens around the world.

He finally surrendered to the police at his Brentwood home, and the trial of the century began with the world watching it all on TV. Simpson put together a “dream team” of lawyers, including Johnnie Cochran and F. Lee Bailey. They were celebrities in the world of law, and they soon became household names around the world.

Cochran and Bailey argued that OJ Simpson had become the target of racist cops who wished to frame him. They pointed to inconsistencies in the prosecution’s argument and carelessness in the police handling the evidence.

In the most famous point of the trial, the defense had Simpson try on the gloves found at the crime scene, and they did not fit. Cochran told the jury, “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” The jury agreed, and Simpson was allowed to go free.

That was by no means the end of the matter; the victims’ families brought a civil lawsuit against Simpson, the result of which found he was responsible for causing Goldman’s death and committing battery against Brown. He was ordered to pay £33.5 million to the victims’ families. He has still not paid the full amount.

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O.J. and Nicole: An American Tragedy airs in 2 parts from 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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