Killing Fields: Murder Isle heads to Isle of Wight County to find Carrie Singer’s killer

Tonight Discovery Channel’s Killing Fields: Murder Island continues the chase for elusive murderers. The series heads to a remote island in  Virginia with original investigator Randy Patrick and his partner, Kris Coughlin, who dig up and solve cold cases.

Killing Fields will head to the Isle of Wight County (southeast of Richmond, Virginia) to solve the 2004 murder of a beautiful blonde, 28-year-old Carrie Singer.

In 2004, the Isle of Wight was where the gruesome discovery of a beaten and nearly naked body of  Singer was found, abandoned in a field.

The chilling case had no leads.  Determined to get answers, lead investigator Randy Patrick contacted the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office and Lieutenant Thomas Potter with the show’s producers to re-examine critical evidence from the crime scene with technology that didn’t exist at the time of Carrie’s death.

For 13 years, Patrick has been looking for closure to this heinous crime and will hold off his retirement to work hard to find the killer.

A break came in October of 2017, as a description and APB was issued for a suspect.

Killing Fields has a unique twist on the true crime genre that is so popular these days.  The show is a well-established series for Discovery, now into season 3 as the unsolved malfeasance and inner workings of police work are graphically laid out, with footage taken at actual interrogations and crime scenes. The producers dutifully research the entire United State for these unsolved crimes, usually winding up in places that are favorite secluded spots for criminals to dump bodies and even helps the team expedite the lab work needed for the forensic evidence to be examined.

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The series’ producers contact local police departments to see how the cold case was investigated and if they inquire if they could revisit the files, and also establish creating a new task force to investigate the crime with them.

In the premiere, we will see Patrick and Coughlin conduct an interview with a suspected prison inmate who says he has information about someone dumping of a body in the Isle of Wight County. The slight spoilerific twist is that the detectives also received information about a second homicide that may make this a double homicide case.

Tune in to see what transpires.

Killing Fields: Murder Isle airs Thursday at 9 pm on Discovery

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