George Conrad lay in wait for his estranged wife before shooting her in the face: Obsession: Dark Desires investigates on ID

Mugshot of George Conrad
George Conrad was sentenced to 33 years in prison. Pic credit: Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office

Misty Sellars was estranged from her husband, George Conrad, and she wanted a divorce. For four months, Conrad threatened and stalked his wife. In January 2012, Conrad decided to make good on his threats.

It had gotten to the stage where Sellars had two protection orders on Conrad, and she even slept with her cell phone, mace, and a gun.

Sellars was staying with a female co-worker in Lancaster, Ohio, when she went to her car at 5 am one morning. Conrad was lying in wait in the backseat with a semiautomatic .32-caliber handgun. When she opened the car door, he started shooting.

Sellars started running, and Conrad pursued her through the quiet neighborhood streets. he eventually caught up to her, and shot her at point-blank range in the face, shattering her jaw. A second victim, Kevin Iles, was shot three times when he emerged from the co-worker’s house.

Both victims survived the attack but were left permanently disfigured and injured. Sellars has since been granted a divorce.

Sellars later said: “He chased me down like an animal, grabbed my arm, looked me in the eye and said, ‘You shouldn’t have cheated on me.’ I begged him not to do this, ‘No, please no,’ as he put the gun to my face and pulled the trigger. Bang. I was left there face down on the cold hard ground to die.”

A year later and in a negotiated deal that Sellars and Iles both approved, Conrad pleaded guilty to two counts of felonious assault with a firearm and of tampering with evidence. He also pleaded guilty to a single count of discharging a firearm into a habitation, violating a protection order and menacing by stalking.

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Sellar’s lawyers tried to argue that his behavior was due to mental illness; however, the judge disagreed and sentenced him to 33 years in prison, meaning he would be in his 80s on release.

Sellars’s family said they thought justice had been served, and also expressed a hope that other women in similar circumstances would trust their instincts when in dangerous situations.

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Whitney Conrad
Whitney Conrad
6 months ago

Not the truth of the situation.

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