Evil Twins Caleb and Joshua Bledsoe tried to burn their father alive

This week Evil Twins examines the bizarre attempted murder of their father by identical twins Caleb and Joshua Bledsoe.

William Bledsoe ran his roofing business, Bledsoe & Sons Gutters and Sheet Metal, alongside his two twin sons, but all was not sitting well with the boys. It seems they felt under a lot of pressure to do well and felt constricted by their father’s attention. This seems to have built up until they felt the only way out was to kill their dad!

In September 2012 the 25-year-old twins apparently decided just an hour before they committed the attempt that they wanted to murder their father. To this end they locked him inside his home alongside some improvised explosive device and hoped he’d suffocate or burn.

Luckily for their dad firefighters arrived and treated the senior for smoke inhalation. When they worked out the fire was set deliberately, the twins were arrested

The pair were arrested and charged with attempted homicide , arson and possession of improvised explosive devices. They later made a deal and pled guilty to to second-degree domestic violence attempted murder and were given a 9 year prison sentence.

Their father remained loyal to them and in 2013 the 70-year-old told the press: “I want you to remember, I am their dad, I am not their victim… My boys are my boys and I’ll never abandon them.”


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