Austin shooting: Murder spree in Texas leaves six dead and three injured

Austin PD chief gives a press conference on multiple shootings
Austin Interim Chief Robin Henderson said one shooter was responsible for the murder spree. Pic credit: Austin PD/Facebook

The police in the city of Austin and deputies in Bexar County near San Antonio, Texas, are investigating a shooting spree in the two cities that has left six people dead and another three injured.

The violent attack began on Tuesday morning and lasted until the evening. Following a high-speed chase involving officers from the Austin PD, a single suspect has been arrested and charged with capital murder, with more charges pending.

The suspect has not been named by the police, and their relationship to the victims is unknown. They are currently being held at Travis County Jail.

At about 10:43 a.m. yesterday, an Austin Independent School District officer was gunned down. Thankfully, they suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

However, just over an hour later, the Austin PD received a call to a house on the city’s Shadywood Drive, where they found a man and a woman had been shot dead.

Later that afternoon, just before 5 p.m., a male cyclist was shot in south Austin. They are expected to survive.

Austin police arrested spree shooter after high-speed chase

An hour later, the cops got a call for a burglary on Austral Loop in southwest Austin. A responding officer exchanged gunfire with the suspect in the backyard and was injured. The suspect fled the scene, engaging the police in a high-speed chase.

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The police entered the burgled home to find two more people had been shot dead.

In the meantime, the suspect crashed his car and was arrested. The cops found a firearm in his possession.

When the police took the suspect into custody, they found a piece of evidence that connected him to an address in Bexar County near San Antonio. Bexar County deputies checked out the address and found two dead bodies in what’s been described as a particularly “grisly” crime scene.

Unconfirmed reports of the identity of killer in Bexar County and Austin shooting spree

The police have not officially released the name of a suspect, but some outlets are reporting that 34-year-old Shane James has been arrested on suspicion of being the shooter.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office recorded early this morning the arrest of an individual called Shane James on a charge of murder of multiple persons and three charges of out of county misdemeanor.

Austin Interim Chief Robin Henderson stressed that they are sure the suspect is responsible for all the shootings listed above, but they had not realized the crimes were connected until after his arrest.

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