Aaron Toller murdered fiancee Lindsey Wilkins with a bullet to the head: Dead Reckoning investigates

Mugshot of Aaron Toller
Aaron Toller received a 70-year prison sentence for murdering his fiancee Lindsey Wilkins. Pic credit: Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Dead Reckoning on ID looks at the case of Lindsey Wilkins, a mother from Anderson, Indiana, who was engaged to be married, but instead was murdered by the person she should have been able to trust the most.

Lindsey Wilkins, 33, had her life taken from her on December 8, 2016, in her home in Anderson. Police found her lying on the floor, having suffered a single gunshot to the head. Her fiance, Aaron Toller, dialed 911 and told the police she had committed suicide.

However, Toller’s story was full of holes. The police questioned why there was no firearm present at the scene. Toller confessed to hiding two handguns, including the one that killed Wilkins because he was concerned about a parole violation.

Toller then tried to blame the murder on another individual. He also failed a polygraph test.

Wilkins and Toller’s relationship was failing

Police believed that Wilkins and Toller argued over his infidelity after he had begun dating another woman. Following a struggle, he shot her dead and tried to fool the cops into thinking it was a suicide.

Prosecutors later argued that Toller had shot dead his fiancee while her then-8-year-old daughter was in an adjacent bedroom. Police believe he calmly watched her die before leaving the house to hide two handguns.

He was charged with murder, neglect of a dependent, obstruction of justice, residential entry breaking and entering, false informing, and two counts of carrying a handgun without a license.

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In September 2018, Toller was sentenced to 70 years in prison; the maximum punishment allowed. The judge cited the premeditated nature of his crime as a reason for the long sentence. He will have to serve a minimum of 60 years in prison with good behavior.

Toller still maintained his innocence; he told the judge, “Almost 21 months ago, I was accused of this crime. I’m still pleading my innocence. I did not commit this crime or murder.”

In 2019, the Indiana Court of Appeals upheld his conviction and sentencing.

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Dead Reckoning airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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