Unsolved murders of Lindsey Baum and Tim Egkan investigated by Still A Mystery

Lindsey Baum and Tim Egkan
The murders of Lindsey Baum and Tim Egkan remain unsolved. Pic credit: FBI and Stockton PD

Still A Mystery is investigating two very different murders this week, involving the killing of schoolgirl Lindsey Baum and property developer Tim Egkan.

Lindsey Baum was just 10-years-old when she vanished from her hometown of McCleary, Washington, in 2009. A small portion of her remains were discovered nearly a decade later, but her killer continues to evade justice.

Tim Egkan was a property delivery living in Stockton, southern California, when he was callously stabbed to death in the street one night in 2015. His killer also remains on the loose.

The murder of Lindsey Baum

Lindsey Baum was last seen leaving a friend’s house on the evening of June 26, 2009, in McCleary. Somewhere along her route home, the 10-year-old vanished without a trace; investigators assumed she was kidnapped.

Chillingly, Lindsey had told her family that she thought a man in a white car had been following her. And the night before she vanished, she told her mom that she had a feeling something bad was going to happen to her.

It took 8 years before there was a breakthrough in the case when in the fall of 2017, a fragment of her skull was found by hunters more than 100 miles from her home in a remote and wooded area of Kittitas County. Despite an extensive search a few months later, nothing more of Lindsey’s remains have been uncovered.

Suspicions arose surrounding elderly brothers Edwin, Thomas, and Charles Emery, who were arrested in 2017 for possessing child pornography. Among their possessions, the police discovered a flier about the missing Lindsey.

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However, as of writing, nobody as been charged with any crime involving the 10-year-old girl.

The murder of Tim Egkan

Tim Egkan was a 32-year-old property developer determined to use his professional skills to help the troubled city of Stockton, which added to friends and family’s dismay when he was found murdered.

On September 13, 2015, Tim was found on the street, lying in a gutter with a deep stab wound in his abdomen. Sadly, no one has ever been convicted of the crime.

A few hours before he died, Egkan had gotten into a fistfight with business partner Zac Cort. Witnesses later reported that at the end of the fight, Egkan was shirtless and bloody; however, it was unclear if he was badly injured.

Cort claimed that their encounter was jovial and the result of high spirits and the police have since ruled him out of their investigation.

It’s also suspected that Egkan came into contact with a couple engaging in a domestic dispute approximately 20 minutes before he died. The couple moved out of town shortly after the murder, and the woman is thought to have told an acquaintance that her boyfriend had been in an argument with Egkan.

However, again, as of writing, no arrests have been made.

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