Predator Randy May murdered teen Mary Jones and slashed 15-year-old Mitzi Sizemore: Profiled on ID

Mugshot of Randy May
Sexual predator and child killer Randy May is next due for a parole hearing in 2023. Pic credit: Tennessee Dept. of Corrections

This week in On The Case With Paula Zahn, the criminal journalist examines the case of the sexual predator, Randy May, who terrorized the small-town community of Morristown, Tennesse, in the summer of 1980.

On July 20, 1980, Randy May attacked and sexually violated 16-year-old Mary Jones and her 15-year-old friend Mitzi Sizemore. Jones had her life taken from her on that day, but, despite being injured and left for dead, Sizemore managed to escape.

May approached the two teenage girls and using handcuffs, and a badge pretended to be a police officer. He tricked them into getting into his car by stating he needed help to search for a missing child. He then drove them to a secluded wooded area.

May stabbed Mitzi three times in the chest, slashed her throat, and then left her to die by handcuffing her to a tree. He then turned his attention to Mary, who he raped and murdered. Mitzi would later speak of the trauma of hearing her friend’s screams but of being unable to help her.

Mitzi Sizemore managed to escape death

Luckily Mitzi was blessed with skinny arms that allowed to wriggle out of the handcuffs. Despite her injuries, she was able to run across a field where she encountered an off duty Tennesse Highway patrol officer, who was able to raise the alarm.

May was given a life sentence; however, much to the dismay of many, he has already been the subject of at least two parole hearings. He last went before a parole board in September 2019, but to the relief of Mitzi Sizemore and Mary Jones’s family members, he was denied release. He is next up for a parole hearing in 2023.

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