Murders of Nancy Moyer and Krystal Jaye Mitchell investigated on Still A Mystery

Profile pics of Nancy Moyer and Krystal Jaye Mitchell
Nancy Moyer and Krystal Jaye Mitchell are still awaiting justice for their murders. Pic credit: Family pics

This week, Still A Mystery is investigating the murders of two young mothers, Nancy Moyer and Krystal Jaye Mitchell, two women who have yet to receive any justice.

Nancy Moyer disappeared without a trace from her home in Tenino, Washington, in 2009 and has not been since. An Eric Roberts confessed to the crime 10 years later but subsequently recanted and was released.

The 30-year-old Krystal Mitchell was murdered in 2016 while vacationing in San Diego with her boyfriend, ex-marine Raymond Samuel “RJ” McLeod. He fled the scene of the murder and is presumed to be the killer, but has not been seen since.

Murder of Nancy Moyer

Nancy Moyer was just 36-years old when she vanished without a trace from her home on March 6, 2009. She was last seen alive by a police officer who spotted her loading groceries into her car.

However, two days later, her estranged husband went to her home to drop off their two children and found the place deserted. The front door was open, and the television, as well as the lights in the living room and bedroom, had been left on. Chillingly, there were two wine glasses on a coffee table.

Nancy’s car was still in the drive, and all her belongings, including her purse, car keys, wallet, and cigarettes, were all still in the home. But there was no sign of Nancy. The police also noted there was no evidence of forced entry or a struggle.

The case lay cold for ten years, until July 2019, when Eric Lee Roberts telephoned the police to say he was the killer. He told the cops that he had an affair with Nancy but had accidentally killed her during “rough sex.” He also suggested that the investigators search a fire pit on his property for her remains.

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However, the police didn’t find any remains, and they noticed serious inconsistencies in Roberts’s story. He also recanted his confession a short time later and was eventually released without any charges.

Murder of Krystal Mitchell

On June 10, 2016, the police received a 911 call to say that a young woman wasn’t breathing in a San Diego apartment. When they arrived, they discovered the dead body of Krystal Mitchell. She had been badly beaten and strangled.

Krystal was last seen alive with her boyfriend, Raymond Samuel “RJ” McLeod. The pair were both from Phoenix, Arizona, and had been on vacation visiting friends in San Diego. McLeod had fled the scene and is presumed to be the killer.

Raymond McLeod  posing with a firearm
Raymond McLeod remains on the run. Pic credit: San Diego Police

Unfortunately, the cops have been unable to capture McLeod. It’s thought that he fled across the border into Mexico and may have reached as far south as Guatemala or even Belize. The ex-marine is well trained in survival techniques and is thought to be quite capable of remaining hidden from the authorities.

He is about 5 feet, 11 inches tall, with brown hair and hazel eyes, and he weighed 245 pounds when he disappeared. He has a tattooed and muscular physique. It’s suspected that he may be going by the name Matt or Mateo. The US Marshals are offering a reward of up to $50,000 for any information that will lead to a capture.

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Still A Mystery airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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