Murders of David Isner and Edward Fuller by George Yzaguirre examined on Evil Lives Here

Mugshot of George Yzaguirre
George Yzaguirre admitted to killing David Isner and Edward Fuller. Pic credit: Kent County Jail

Evil Lives Here is investigating the murders of David Isner and Edward Fuller, who were both brutally butchered by George Yzaguirre in their respective homes in Kentwood, Michigan.

On November 20, 2019, Yzaguirre stabbed his roommate, 34-year-old David Isner, over 70 times. He would later tell the police that Isner had said something to him that he had found offensive.

The killer had waited for his victim to lie down in bed and fall asleep before stabbing him. Yzaguirre then dumped Isner’s body on some open ground in nearby Walker, MI.

But Yzaguirre wasn’t done killing yet. On December 3, he traveled to 63-year-old Edward Fuller’s mobile home, where he stabbed him multiple times and then stole his credit cards.

George Yzaguirre confessed to killing David Isner and Edward Fuller

The murderer then fled the state; however, he promptly gave himself up by walking into a Home Depot in Wyoming, where he told staff to dial 911 as he wished to confess to murder. When he was arrested, Yzaguirre told the cops that he’d kill again if he was given a chance.

Yzaguirre pleaded guilty to the first-degree murders of both Isner and Fuller, which, in Michigan, carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole.

The judge told him, “You, sir, clearly are a monster and a threat to society.”

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Isner’s mother, Donna Isner, told the court, “There’s no way to quantify the magnitude of that kind of loss. The loss of David has devastated our family beyond words. We lost our only son.”

In May 2021, Yzaguirre passed away in prison from an apparent suicide; he was 37.

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