Murders of Amanda Drywater-Douglas and Jennifer Lynn Sudar by Quantell Alverson examined on See No Evil

Mugshot of Quantell Alverson
Quantell Alverson was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murders of Amanda Drywater-Douglas and Jennifer Lynn Sudar. Pic credit: Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections

See No Evil is investigating the murder of Amanda Drywater-Douglas and Jennifer Lynn Sudar who were both gunned down by Quantell Jamar Alverson outside their apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On November 26, 2014, employees of the complex heard a volley of gunfire, and one of them spotted Alverson driving away from the scene. Alverson had passed so close to the employee that she had been able to memorize the license plate and later pass it on to the cops.

On further investigation, the employees discovered the remains of 26-year-old Amanda Drywater-Douglas and 37-year-old Jennifer Lynn Sudar. The two women had been shot multiple times. Amanda had been mother to a 1-year-old baby girl.

Alverson’s partially burnet-out getaway car was recovered two weeks later, not far from the crime scene. The investigators uncovered three cigarette butts from the vehicle, which had the killer’s DNA.

The evidence pointed to Quantell Jamar Alverson as the murderer

Using the DNA evidence along with eyewitness testimony and surveillance footage recovered from a convenience store, the police were able to charge Alverson with the double murder.

The police learned that Drywater-Douglas’s estranged husband, Larry Douglas, was linked to Alverson when eyewitnesses spotted them together at a store on the night of the murders.

The Tulsa police have always suspected that Larry Douglas had something to do with his ex-wife’s murder, but a lack of evidence meant no charges were brought. At Alverson’s trial, homicide detective Michael Zenoni told the court: “Amanda Douglas’s husband, Larry Oscar Douglas Jr., in my opinion, solicited the murder.”

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In Spring 2016, a jury found Alverson guilty on two counts of first-degree murder, and he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In 2018, Drywater-Douglas’s ex-husband, Larry Drywater, was jailed for 21 years in federal prison after he admitted to running a marijuana and cocaine trafficking ring. Douglas, who was described as a “Tulsa drug kingpin,” was also implicated in ordering the death of an associate.

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See No Evil airs at 11/10c on Investigation Discovery.

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