Murder of Winston George by his wife Darlene George and her brother Jeffrey Williams examined on Home Invasion Homicide

Mugshots of Darlene George and Jeffrey Williams
Darlene George and Jeffrey Williams were convicted of killing Winston George. Pic credit: York County Sheriff’s Office

Home Invasion Homicide is investigating the murder of Winston George who was brutally murdered in his home in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, by Jeffrey Williams and Rennie Cassimy at the behest of his wife, Darlene George.

In 2008, the marriage of Winston and Darlene George was in serious trouble, and both of them were engaged in extramarital affairs. However, when Darlene learned that Winston was having an affair, she became concerned that he would divorce her, meaning she’d lose half their property, and this led to her deciding to kill him.

Darlene then enlisted the help of her brother, Williams, and her boyfriend, Cassimy, to do the murder.

On June 19, 2008, the murderous trio staged a break-in at the George home in Old Orchard Beach. Williams and Cassimy traveled up from New York and entered the George home when it was empty. The pair were clocked by a surveillance camera at the bus terminal, which was later used as evidence against them.

When Darlene returned home with her 13-year-old son, Williams and Cassimy tied them up and locked them in the bedroom. Darlene, was of course, well versed in this aspect of the plan, but it’s unclear if her young son was.

Winston returned home a short time later when he was attacked, tied up, and dragged into the basement by the two killers. The 44-year-old was suffocated with a plastic bag, and a rum bottle was shoved down his throat to make sure he was dead.

A few hours after Cassimy and Williams had fled the scene, Darlene called the police and played the role of a victim grieving her husband. However, the cops soon started picking holes in her story.

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Rennie Cassidy agreed to testify in Winston George murder case

Eventually, it was Cassimy who cracked under the police pressure and agreed to give evidence against his coconspirators. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with 12 years suspended.

Darlene George and Jeffrey Williams stood trial together, and they were both found guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Williams was given a life sentence and George was ordered to spend 40 years behind bars.

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Home Invasion Homicide airs at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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