Murder of Christina Morris: Enrique Arochi convicted after surveillance footage recorded them together

Mugshot of Enrique Arochi
Enrique Arochi was convicted of kidnapping Christina Morris before her remains were recovered. Pic credit: Collin County Sheriff’s Office

This week See No Evil looks at the role surveillance footage played in convicting Enrique Arochi in the 2014 kidnapping and murder of Christina Morris.

In 2014, on the Labor Day weekend, 23-year-old Christina Morris was out with friends in Plano, Texas, when she disappeared. Morris had grown up in the area but had moved away to Forth Worth to be with her boyfriend.

Morris and a group of friends were drinking at an apartment at the Shops at Legacy in Plano until approximately 4 am. She then left, accompanied by Arochi.

Morris and Arochi were acquaintances who did not know each other very well but had attended the same high school. The pair were supposed to be heading home separately, with Arochi escorting Morris to her car. However, she was not seen alive again.

Surveillance footage helped convict Enrique Arochi

They were spotted entering a parking garage by a surveillance camera where they’re cars were parked. A short time Arochi’s vehicle leaving, but Morris’s car never left the garage.

Arochi later told detectives that the pair had separated in the garage and that he’d never seen her again. However, police discovered Morris’s DNA in the trunk of his car.

Others at the party told investigators that Arochi had exhibited romantic feelings towards Morris but that they weren’t reciprocated. One witness said Arochi appeared angry when he left with Morris.

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Arochi was convicted of aggravated kidnapping and was sentenced to life in prison.

According to prosecutor Zeke Fortenberry, the case was groundbreaking for being one of the first to convict someone of kidnapping despite there being no corpse or body.

Morris’s body was finally discovered nearly four years after her murder in 2018 in a field in Anna, TX., north of Dallas. Her skeletal remains were stumbled upon by an excavation crew.

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