Murder-for-hire on the dark web, Besa Mafia and the shadowy Yura: 48 Hours on ID uncovers international plot

Shadowy figure of Yura on camera
Yura sent a video diary to CBS, where he claimed to be head of international crime organization Besa Mafia. Pic credit: CBS This Morning/ YouTube

48 Hours on ID with investigative reporter Peter Van Sant spent two years prying into the activities of a shady organization in the dark reaches of the internet that appeared to offer murder-for-hire services.

An individual known only as Yura and operating on the so-called dark web has been offering to murder people all around the world for a few thousand dollars. Yura claims to be the head of an international criminal organization that specializes in murder called Besa Mafia.

CBS came across a video diary created by Yura, where he states, “A hitman marketplace is like any other auction site. It brings customers and vendors together.” The FBI first learned about Besa Mafia and Yura in 2016 when investigating the death of Amy Allwine from Minnesota.

In the spring of 2016, investigators learned that someone using the user name Dogdaygod had ordered a hit on Amy through the dark web. Dogdaygod reportedly paid Besa Mafia $12,000 to kill Amy and stated that she had ruined his life and his business. Amy was unable to think who might want her dead.

Tragically in November, her husband, Stephen Allwine, shot her dead. He tried to tell the police that it was suicide, but they learned he was the killer after an extensive investigation.

The cops believe that Stephen was Dogdaygod but had gotten fed up waiting for Yura to kill his wife, so he took matters into his own hands.

Yura sent a list of targets to CBS

As CBS and the police further investigated Yura and Besa Mafia, they were sent a list of names of people who had become targets. There were 20 American names on that list.

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One such name was 22-year-old Sydney Minor from Tennessee, who had been having an affair with Brandon States.

When Sydney became pregnant, she learned that Brandon was married to another woman, and when she refused to get an abortion, he took out a hit on her with Yura.

The cops took Brandon in for questioning, and he subsequently confessed to the murder plot.

Another case involved Alexis Stern of Minnesota and Adrian Fry from the English city of Bath. The pair had met online and become romantically involved.

However, Alexis broke off the affair when she claimed that Adrain had become controlling. The break-up had been an acrimonious one.

But Alexis was still shocked when she learned that someone with the username Mastermind365 had paid Yura $5770 in Bitcoin to have her murdered. Suspicion fell on Adrian because of Mastermind365’s use of British phrases and spelling.

As of writing, no charges have been brought against Fry, and he denies paying to have his ex-girlfriend murdered. He called the allegations “preposterous and flimsy nonsense.”

Has Yura and Besa Mafia actually murdered anyone?

It’s suspected that Yura and Besa Mafia is all a scam. There is no evidence that such an organization has actually murdered anyone. In fact, it appears that they may have aided law enforcement agencies by supplying the names of those who were in danger from people close to them.

The FBI is continuing their investigation into the actions of Yura.

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48 Hours on ID airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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think wise
think wise
1 year ago

These fake hitmen sites are putting obstacles in front of the customers who want to get killing done, because the fake hitmen sites are:
1. Stalling the customers as much as possible, buying time for the targets
2. Scamming customers again and again until customers don’t have more funds to achieve their killing plan
3. They give target info to police to help them protect the targets and arrest the customers

The fake hitmen sites are decreasing the murder rates because many people who want to kill fall in the fake hitmen sites trap, awaiting a long time for a hit that never happens, until either they get arrested or get tired of everything and give up

You can read there have been many customers arrested because of the fake hitmen sites, and these customers who got arrested were now disabled from continuing with their plan to kill the targets, so many lives have been saved with the fake hitmen sites

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