In Pursuit With John Walsh is on the hunt for suspected murderers Isaac Estrada and Nalio Williams

Mugshots of Isaac Estrada and Nalio Williams
Isaac Estrada and Nalio Williams are both suspected of committing murder and are both on the run from the police. Pic credit: San Antonio Police Dept. and Broward County Sheriff’s Office

In Pursuit With John Walsh is on the hunt for two more suspected murderers; Isaac Estrada from San Antonio, Texas, and Nalio Williams from Broward County, Florida, have both been on the run for a number of years.

Courtney Phillips was murdered in 2015 after she met up with Estrada for a date. It’s believed he stabbed her and then fled the scene.

Raimundo Modia’s body was discovered in a warehouse near Miami, FL.; he had been shot dead and his car stolen. The cops suspect that the killer was Nalio Williams and that Modia may have got himself caught up with a criminal gang that specialized in stealing luxury cars.

Suspected murder of Courtney Phillips by Isaac Estrada

On Easter Sunday, 2015, Courtney Phillips was just 23-years-old when she was found stabbed to death in a home on the Southeast side of San Antonio.

A key piece of evidence came from Courtney’s phone, which indicated that she had been in contact with Isaac Estrada just before she was killed. The cops concluded that Phillips had gone to the home to meet 19-year-old Estrada for a date.

But unfortunately, the police have since been unable to locate the suspected killer. They have expressed concern that he could strike again.

The cops suspect Estrada might still be in the San Antonio area. He is 5 ft 1 and is thought to only weigh approximately 105 lbs. He has two tattoos on his arms; one reads “brother,” and the other reads “keeper.”

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Suspected murder of Raimundo Modia by Nalio Williams

On December 22, 2012, 34-year-old Raimondo Modia was shot dead in a warehouse in Broward County. The suspected trigger man was 35-year-old Nalio Williams, a career criminal who had a penchant for dealing with stolen vehicles.

Modia specialized in renting luxury cars to folks in Miami, but he’s had recent problems with many so-called “renters” stealing his cars. The cops fear that Modia may have gotten himself into trouble with a Russian organized crime gang that dealt in stolen vehicles.

Friends of Modia say he’d spent the last few months of his life desperately trying to get the stolen cars returned.

It’s unclear exactly why Modia decided to meet Williams in a warehouse down a back alley in Broward County, but what ensued was a gunfight between the pair, which left Modia dead, and the police believe it left Williams injured.

Friends of Modia have speculated that his killer may have suspected that Modia was a police informant or that Modia had maybe brandished a weapon.

But other reports suggested that Modia was merely trying to sell his luxury Mercedes to recoup some of his losses.

Williams fled the scene in Modia’s stolen Mercedes, which he later abandoned in Miami Gardens. He left a stolen Toyota Tundra behind. He has not been seen since.

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