Disappearance and possible murder of Susan Osborne and Evan Chartrand examined on Still A Mystery

Family pics of Susan and Evan
Susan Osborne and her son, Evan Chartrand, have been missing for over four years. Pic credit: @JusticeForSusieAndEvan/Facebook

Still A Mystery is investigating the mysterious disappearance of Susan Osborne and her teenage son, Evan Chartrand, from their home near Wetumpka, Alabama, in 2017.

Susan, 42, and Evan, 14, vanished at some point around memorial day in late May 2017; however, they were not reported missing to the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office until two months later, on June 29. Susan’s out-of-state family members began making inquiries after they had failed to hear from her for a long time.

Susan’s family contacted her husband, Jerry Osborne, who told them that Susan and Evan had packed up all their belongings and gone to live with another man. He echoed this story when he was later contacted by the cops.

The authorities conducted an extensive search but have so far failed to find any trace of the stay-at-home housewife and her son. Most concerning is the fact that both Susan and Evan ceased to make any telephone calls or texts or have any interactions on social media since late May 2017.

Cops found burn piles at Susan Osborne’s home

The investigators found no trace of the two individuals at their home, but they noted that the house had undergone renovations since the disappearance, and there appeared to be evidence of burn piles on the property. Osborne told the cops that Susan had graffitied the house before she left and that he’d asked the renovators to remove the paint and anything that reminded him of her.

More worryingly, the cops did find traces of blood; however, it was tiny in quantity, and DNA testing could not confirm if it belonged to Susan or Evan.

The police recorded Jerry Osborne as a person of interest, but he has not been charged with any crime, and neither had anybody else. In the meantime, Osborne sold the house, moved to a different town, and got engaged to another woman.

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