Allison Clark was shot dead at point blank range as she drove with her 3-year-old daughter

Allison Clark with her daughter
Allison Clark was out driving with her daughter when she was murdered. Pic credit: On the Case With Paua Zahn/ Facebook

In May 2010, Allison Neil Clark was a young mother from Port Arthur, Texas, who was viciously shot dead while she was out driving for groceries with her 3-year-old daughter. She had been shot dead with a single bullet fired at close range through the driver’s window.

Thankfully, her daughter was unharmed in the incident, and when the police arrived, she was fast asleep in the backseat.

The case stumped police at first as they were unable to understand why anyone would want to kill Clark in such an unnecessarily violent manner.

It would later transpire that her murder was committed by a criminal gang that had been terrorizing Port Arthur for a decade. The gang’s leaders were Ozzie Nelson Ibarra and Sabino Orlando Martinez.

Allison Clark’s killers had terrorized women for years

Ibarra and Martinez had a long and colorful criminal record; they and their associates had been robbing women in Port Arthur since 2001, and by 2009 they were committing robberies daily. They were also involved in cross-border drug trafficking.

It was during an investigation into these robberies that Ibarra and Marinez first appeared on the police’s radar as possible suspects in Clark’s murder. Surveillance footage showed that Ibarra’s car had been in the area at the time of the killing.

Police learned that their gang was responsible for her murder and that it was more than likely Marinez, who had pulled the trigger.

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In separate trials, Marinez and Ibarra were both found guilty of conspiracy to interfere with interstate by robbery, conspiracy to use and carry firearms during a crime of violence and conspiracy to possess firearms during a drug trafficking crime.

Ibarra was sentenced to 35-years in prison, and Martinez, who was considered the ringleader, received 80-years in prison.

After the sentencing, acting US Attorney Brit Featherston said, “They robbed, they exploited, they threatened, they found victims, especially women that they called ‘lambs,’ which was what their terminology was for their victims before they robbed them.”

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Allison Clark was a young mother who was viciously murdered by gang members who had terrorized women in Port Arthur, Texas, for a decade.

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