James Hampton and Dwayne Abney guilty of murders of Kiana Marshall, Alexis Kitchens, and Corey Martin: The Murder Tapes investigates

Mugshots of James Hampton and Dwayne Abney
James Hampton (L) and Dwayne Abney both received life sentences for murder. Pic credit: Georgia Dept. of Corrections

The Murder Tapes examines the shocking murders of three young people, Kiana Marshall, Alexis Kitchens, and Corey Martin, at a house in Savannah, Georgia, in 2015.

James Hampton and Dwayne Abney brutally gunned down the three victims after Diamond Butler had asked Hampton to “shoot up” the house following an argument with Marshall.

The murders came about over a dispute involving rent payment. Marshall had told Butler, and another woman, that they had to leave the house where they’d been staying. Butler’s response was to call Hampton and tell him to “shoot up” the home.

Hampton, accompanied by Abney, went to the home and gained entry by claiming they were collecting Butler’s clothes. Once inside, Hampton immediately shot Martin (19).

Hampton first shot Martin three times with a .9 mm weapon before turning the gun on Marshall (22), who was murdered as she knelt praying. Abney pushed Kitchens (20) before telling Hampton to kill her, which he did, with a single bullet.

Diamond Butler testified against James Hampton

The next day, Hampton told Butler all about the murders, which turned out to be a big mistake for the killer. Butler would later come forward and testify against Hampton and Abney.

In 2017, Hampton was convicted of triple homicide and was sentenced to serve three consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole. The judge also added a further 35 years for related offenses.

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Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon told the court that Hampton “is the embodiment of evil” and added, “even that sentence is not enough for what we have seen.”

Abney was also convicted of murder but was only sentenced to two life terms, and the judge also added another 15 years for other related offenses. He will be eligible for parole as he was a minor at the time of the crime.

Diamond Butler was ordered to serve 90 years in prison for her role in the murders after she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder. She is also eligible for parole.

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