Brutal murder of Susan Heyliger by Jeffrey Lobik hiding in ceiling on The Inside Man

This week The Inside Man looks at the 1987 murder of Susan Heyliger, in a case that remained cold for decades.

It was June 1987 and 42-year-old mother of five Susan Heyliger was working as a bar tender at the Country Club Lounge, East Bay Drive in Largo, Florida.

That night she closed up the bar and locked herself in so that she could perform a stock check and close up the cash register.

However, little did she know that Jeffrey Lobik was hiding in the ceiling looking to rob the bar. He let himself down and then hit Heyliger several times over the head with a trophy before strangling her and then slitting her throat.

At the time of the investigation the police could find few clues other than s shoe print and evidence that the murdered had come from the ceiling.

It was years later in 2004, after serving a decade for another robbery, that detective talked to Lobik and he admitted he’d been in the bathroom of the bar. But he said that it was just to take drugs, not rob anyone.

However, whilst in custody he admitted killing Heyliger to a fellow inmate. In 2008 he was found guilty and given a life sentence for the murder, giving some closure to her family after over 21 years.

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