Baby Lisa Irwin went missing from her crib 10 years ago: ID examines the case

Lisa Irwin at 10 months and age progressed to look ten years old
Lisa Irwin as a ten-month-old baby and on the left an age-progressed photo showing how she would look today at 10 years old. Pic credit: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Investigation Discovery is looking into the case of Lisa Irwin, a ten-month-old baby who went missing from her crib at her home one night in 2011 and has never been seen since.

On October 4, 2011, baby Lisa Irwin vanished from her home in Kansas City, Missouri. She was first reported missing after her father, Jeremy Irwin, came home from working a night shift at 4 am and noticed she wasn’t in her crib.

Jeremy stated that he was surprised to find lights on in the home and a window open, and the front door unlocked. Lisa had last been seen the evening before, by her mother, Deborah Bradley.

Irwin and Bradley believe that an intruder came into their home and snatched their daughter.

At the time, the authorities were very hopeful of a quick recovery, and the experts said that babies stolen by strangers were rarely harmed because they usually wanted to raise the child as their own.

Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), said, “the recovery rate for infants is very, very high. There is real hope here.”

Tragically, it’s been ten years now since Allen said those words, and there are still no clues as to what happened to Baby Lisa, who would be 10-years-old today.

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The search for Baby Lisa continues today

In the meantime, Lisa’s parents and the authorities have not stopped looking. At one point, investigators even searched a nearby landfill, but to no avail.

The search went international in 2013 when a girl thought to be Lisa was found at a Romani camp in Greece. However, DNA tests determined that it was not her.

Some of the suspicions fell on the parents as their story was deemed to have changed on several occasions. Bradley has said that some detectives openly accused her of being involved in Lisa’s disappearance and that they told her she’d failed a lie detector test.

The search for Lisa continues today, and the NCMEC has regularly produced age progression photos that portray Lisa how she might have aged throughout the years.

The NCMEC website also states that Lisa has a birthmark on her right thigh. When she vanished, she was wearing purple pants and a purple shirt with kittens on it.

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What Happened To Baby Lisa: People Magazine Investigates airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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