Who is Stacy Lee Drake? Arkansas police arrest suspect wanted in at least 3 murders in southern states

Mugshot of Stacy Lee Drake
Stacy Lee Drake is accused of committing murders in Oklahoma and Alabama. Pic credit: AR State Police

The Arkansas State Police have arrested Stacy Lee Drake in Morrilton, AR, following a lengthy search spanning multiple states. Drake is wanted in connection with at least three murders, carjacking, and robbery in Oklahoma and Alabama.

The cops found 50-year-old Drake in a wooded area and took him into custody without incident. Residents of the town, about 50 miles northwest of Little Rock, had been warned the suspect was in the area after he was spotted buying camping gear.

Drake is a suspect in the deaths of a man and woman, identified as Taylor Sharp and Tara Underwood, who were found inside a business in Gans, Oklahoma. They had both suffered gunshot wounds.

The police said Drake was identified on surveillance footage driving away from the crime scene in Underwood’s 2016 GMC Acadia.

Drake is also a suspect in the murder of an Alcoholics Anonymous counselor in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Russell Andrews’s remains were found inside the AA building on May 14. His car was stolen and was later spotted by cameras traveling along the Arkansas-Oklahoma border.

Stacy Lee Drake alleged crimes becoming increasingly violent

Stacy Lee Drake was initially described as being from Birmingham, Alabama, but Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Captain Jack Kennedy said Drake was likely a transient. His last known address is thought to have been a Birmingham homeless shelter, but they suspect he is not from Alabama.

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The cops said the suspect appears to have spent a lot of his life in Oklahoma and Arizona. One thing that is known for sure is Drake has a lengthy criminal record and has spent a lot of time in federal prison. Kennedy said he “was arrested in Alabama 15 years ago… for multiple, numerous violent felony crimes” and added that he was “continuously escalating his violent behavior.”

Kennedy also claimed, “[Drake] was utilizing a false name, and possibly dressing himself differently, including hats and glasses, at the time that he was in Tuscaloosa. It appears that he was traveling the country in this lifestyle, utilizing false names, in an attempt to keep from being incarcerated.”

The cops considered Drake extremely dangerous and had advised the public not to approach him under any circumstances.

Stacy Lee Drake is facing multiple charges in many jurisdictions

The Arkansas State Police posted to social media a picture of a disheveled-looking Drake being taken into custody. He is now facing charges of murder, carjacking, and aggravated robbery.

The suspect is also wanted for various parole violations.

Drake is now being held at the Conway County Detention Center. 

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