Valerie Longstreath’s lucky escape from shotgun-toting ex Randy is spotlighted on Home Alone

Valerie Longstreath and her adopted teenage son Nathan are trying to start afresh but her ex-husband Randy tries to ruin it, Home Alone investigates.

It was the evening of July 2014 in Mount Ayr, Iowa, and Valerie and her son were at home when there was a knock at the door. When she answered her ex-husband Randy was standing holding a gun. She slammed the door shot and locked it, moving away from the door as she did.

Randy then fired through the door and blasted the locks with several more shots. Valerie acted quickly and ran to the back of the house with Nathan and dialled 911. Randy then ordered them out of the back room and held them at gun point for several hours.

During this time he told Valerie that he wanted to get back together, all the time holding a shotgun to her head. Randy also pressed the shotgun against Nathan’s stomach and at one point told them he was going to kill them all.

It was when he sent Nathan outside to get more shells for the gun that police grabbed the teenager and dragged him to safety. Valerie spotted her moment when Randy was reloading and sneaked out the back door, where she hid in the undergrowth. Randy came to the back and fired a shot that went over her head.

Police then spent four hours trying to talk Randy down, with him eventually giving up his gun and surrendering.

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He was charged with domestic abuse, burglary and armed with intent.

Home Alone – Demons of the Past airs at 10:00 AM on Investigation Discovery. 

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