Unsolved murders of the Jeff Davis 8 featured on Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8

The Jennings 8 photo
Eight women known as the Jeff Davis 8 was found murdered in the swamps and creeks in Jeff Davis Parish, Louisiana, and their killer remains at large. Pic credit: FBI

The unsolved murders of the Jeff Davis 8 are featured in a four-part special on Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8 on Investigation Discovery.

Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women, who were involved in drugs and prostitution, were found in creeks and swamps in the small town of Jeff Davis Parish, Louisiana.

The women were identified as Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis, Ernestine Daniels Patterson, Kristen E. Gary Lopez, Whitnei Charlene Dubois, Laconia Shontell Brown, Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno, Brittney Gar, and Necole Jean Guillory.

Their ages range from 17 to 30 years old.

Some of the women had their throats slashed while others were too decomposed for pathologists to determine the cause of death, but authorities suspect they died from asphyxiation.

They became known as Jeff Davis 8, as well as The Jennings 8 when investigators learned that the women were all from the same area and they knew each other — some were relatives. Investigators stated that six of the victims had a relationship with Frankie Richard, a well-known drug dealer in Jennings.

Officials said he was the last person to see two of the victims alive, and therefore, he was identified as a suspect in the case. When he was questioned, he stated that he didn’t have anything to do with the murders, but most residents didn’t believe him.

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However, Richard was never charged as there wasn’t any evidence linking him to the murders of the Jeff Davis 8.

Law enforcement believes there is a serial killer living amongst the residents of Jeff Davis Parish, but they have yet to receive any leads in the case that will help bring the killer to justice.

Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8 — A Town Divided Part 1, airs tonight at 10/9c, and Part 2 airs June 16 at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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