Unsolved murders of Glinda Pulley and her son, Tyler Jones, examined on Still A Mystery

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Still A Mystery is investigating the shocking murders of Glinda Pulley and her young son, Tyler Jones, who were found gunned down in their home near Hollister in a rural part of North Carolina.

In April 2005, family members became suspicious that they had not heard from 38-year-old Glinda Pulley and 10-year-old Tyler Jones in several days.

Pulley’s brother and mother when to the home and kicked down the front door. They were shocked to discover that Pulley and Tyler had both been blasted with a shotgun.

The family was even more shocked when the Warren County Sheriff’s Department ruled that Tyler had shot his mother before turning the gun on himself.

Tyler had supposedly left a suicide note where he apologized for the murder. However, family and friends have said there is just no way the boy could have done such a dreadful thing. Glinda Pulley’s mom, Louise Pulley, said of her grandson, “he cherished the ground she walked on, and he was afraid of guns.”

The Warren County police had asked the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) for help, and they obliged by conducting some interviews. But the final ruling on the case came from the local cops, a decision that didn’t sit well with some of the local detectives and the SBI agents.

Suspicion has fallen on Glinda Pulley’s boyfriend

There was a third shocking development for Pulley’s family when they later learned that her boyfriend of the time, Dennis Carter, had financially benefitted from their deaths.

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It emerged that Pulley had taken out a life insurance policy worth $750,000 in the months before her death and had made her boyfriend’s mother the sole beneficiary. Carter had told her to put the policy in his mother’s name because he was still married to another woman.

Incredibly this would not be the only time Carter profited from a suspicious death. In 2012, 29-year-old Crystal Bell was found shot dead in Garysburg, NC. Her family was surprised to learn that she had a will made out to Carter.

Dr. Maurice Godwin, a specialist in crime scene analysis from Campbell University in Fort Bragg, NC., has argued that mistakes were made in the initial investigation. He says that stains found at the scene should have been analyzed for DNA.

He also claims that Tyler’s closest friend and cousin, 12-year-old Michael Pulley, had said that he spotted Dennis Carter at the house around the time of the murder, but was the youngster was never interviewed by the cops.

Godwin has also referred to the presence at the crime scene of a chemical solvent known as Toluene, which could have been used to subdue the victims or used to wipe fingerprints off the shotgun. He also pointed to various objects strewn about the house, which may have indicated a struggle.

Unfortunately, Warren County Sheriff’s Department officially ruled the case closed.

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Still A Mystery airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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