Unsolved murder of Kay Wenal investigated on Evil Lives Here

Kay and Hal Wenal smiling in a family photo
Kay Wenal, pictured here with husband Hal, was brutally murdered in 2008. Pic credit: Family pic

Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death is examining the unsolved murder of Kay Wenal, who was killed during an extreme act of violence at her home in an upmarket neighborhood of Lawrenceville, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kay, a 60-year-old former Playboy bunny, was married to Hal Wenal, an Atlanta property developer. The couple seemingly had an ideal marriage and were known for their lavish lifestyle.

However, it all came to a horrific end on May 1, 2008.

Hal came home from work that evening to discover his wife lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen. She had been punched in the face, and her throat was slit twice. The murder weapon was never found, but the investigators believe she was cut with a particularly sharp hunting or fish knife.

The cops described the murder as committed by someone with an intense hatred for their victim. There was no sign of forced entry, and nothing was stolen. The police quickly ruled out robbery as the motivation.

Earlier that morning, Kay had spent some time at her husband’s office helping him with a property deal, but she had returned home because she wasn’t feeling well.

Police suspect Kay Wenal killer knocked on the front door

The police believe the killer rang the doorbell and that Kay was punched in the face as soon as she opened the door. The investigators discovered a drop of blood in the hallway.

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It’s thought that Kay then ran through the hall into the kitchen, where the killer caught her and twice slashed her throat.

The murderer left no fingerprints and no DNA. The only physical evidence was a latex glove found lying on the floor.

The investigators have struggled to find a motive for the killing. But one theory suggests the killer may have been an obsessed stalker.

Composite sketch of suspect in Kay Wenal murder
The cops composed this sketch of a suspect. Pic credit: Gwinnett County Police Dept

Kay’s neighbors told of a strange bespeckled man hanging around the cul-de-sac on the day of the murder and the day before.

The Gwinnett County police made up a sketch of the man, but so far, he remains unidentified.

Kay Wenal killer may have sent a letter to a local newspaper

A few months after the murder, a local newspaper received a note made from letters cut out of a magazine that appeared to be from a jilted lover or stalker. They called Kay “a money-grubbing w***e” and claimed they had been having an affair.

Chillingly, the note also read, “She said she loved me. But that was a lie too. I told her this would happen if she didn’t keep her goddamned promises to me.”

Unfortunately, there were no fingerprints or DNA on the letter, and the cops were unable to determine its authenticity.

A note made from cut out letters about Kay Wenal murder
The police were unable to tell if Kay Wenal killer actually sent this letter. Pic credit: Gwinnett County Police Dept

Hal hired a team of private investigators to catch his wife’s killer and offered a reward of $250,000 to anyone with any information. Hal passed away from a heart attack in 2010.

Kay’s murder remains unsolved.

Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death airs Sundays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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