Tricia Todd’s murder by ex-husband Steven Williams features on ID’s The Object Of Murder

Tricia Todd and Steven Williams
Tricia Todd, left, and mugshot of Steven Williams. Pic credit: Family photo/Martin County Sheriff’s Office

The gruesome murder of Tricia Todd by ex-husband Steven Williams features on the latest episode of Investigation Discovery’s true crime series The Object Of Murder.

In April 2016 Todd, of Hobe Sound, Fl., disappeared, prompting a police search which culminated in Williams confessing to her murder and revealing the whereabouts of her dismembered body to police officers.

Todd and Williams had known each other since childhood, and had been married for eleven years when they divorced under amicable circumstances. Todd family members had said their separation was smooth and painless. Her murder by this God-fearing, military man was therefore a great surprise.

On April 26 Williams had spent the whole day with Todd and their daughter Faith. He later told officers that he had being trying to pluck up the courage to kill her. After Todd had left her daughter with Williams at the Airbnb where he was staying, Williams texted her to return. When she did return, Williams knocked her unconscious, tied her up, and eventually suffocated her.

He then took the body to Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area where he had a tub of acid waiting to dispose of the remains.

Police had followed a number of leads, including investigating a new boyfriend of Todd’s. However, when police acquired grainy security footage of Williams driving between Todd’s home and his Airbnb that led to his conviction.

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After a plea deal where Williams agreed to tell police where he hid Todd’s remains, he was found guilty of second-degree murder and child neglect, and was sentenced to 35 years.

Captain John Cummings remarked on the motive that “ultimately it came down to greed and anger”.

The Object of Murder airs Thursdays at 9/8C on Investigation Discovery.

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Once he touched her, he no longer held any type of value to the majority of black women. I agree that we shouldn’t mix at all…on any level.

5 months ago

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5 months ago

plenty of pale men have killed their significant others. it’s not a color thing, it’s a man thing.

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That animal should have be burned at the stake,

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