Teenager Hayley Wingard was taken hostage and then murdered by ex-boyfriend Derrick Bean in controversial case

This week Home Alone examines the tragic death of 17-year-old Haley Wingard, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend.

December 2010 in Elmore County, Alabama, and teenager Haley is at home with her cousin Christian Cox and her stepfather Philip Reeves.

Things took a deadly turn when Haley’s ex-boyfriend 25-year-old Derrick Bean turned up and broke into the house. There, according to the family, he found some guns and went in search of Haley.

He took Haley and her cousin hostage and moved them to the bedroom, where he tied Haley up. Eventually he released Christian who was able to raise the alarm with neighbors.

When the police arrived a stand off developed as they tried to negotiate with Bean in order to free Haley. After hours the talks stalled and the police say they felt there was no choice but to try and assault the house. After warning Bean to raise his hand the police said that there was almost simultaneous shots as police fired on Bean and he shot Haley with a shotgun.

At the time the family gave a different account saying that a video they obtained showed the police initially threw a stun grenade of some sort into the house. This was followed by what they said was the sound of Bean shooting Haley with the 12-gauge and then more shots as the police shot him dead.

Some of the family are still not happy about the police’s actions that night and the video below was posted on YouTube.

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