Ted Bundy: An American Monster spotlights how the serial killer was brought to justice

Ted Bundy: An American Monster is a special on Investigation Discovery examining the hunt for the infamous serial killer.

The man who helped bring him to justice examines the case and presents old film and case documents that shine new light on the gruesome crimes committed by Bundy.

Ted Bundy was born in 1946 and grew up with the slight stigma of being born out of wedlock. However, he was close to his grandparents though his grandfather was known for his violent outbursts and bullying behaviour.

His high school years were unremarkable other than a few minor brushes with the law for petty crimes. At University he studied Chinese and had a serious relationship with a classmate known only in his biographies under the pseudonym Stephanie Brooks.

He was deeply in love with her and was broken hearted when she dumped him, saying he was immature and lacking ambition. He moved school and concentrated on his academic work and even getting involved in politics.

Later he would meet up with Brooks again and eventually came close to marrying her, before breaking it off abruptly. Some people have said this experience might have kicked off his killing spree. He seems to have orchestrated getting back together with her and then romancing her just so he could ditch her in revenge.

By 1974 he was skipping classes and soon young women were going missing.

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Over the course of his killing spree Bundy admitted to murdering 30 women but some investigators think the real total could be closer to 100.

This documentary follows the investigation that led to him being caught, brought to trial and eventually executed for his many crimes.

Ted Bundy: An American Monster airs at 9:00 P.M. on Investigation Discovery.

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