Steven Colegrove killed three members of his family with a shotgun: Fatal Family Feuds investigates

Mugshot of Steven Colegrove
Steven Colegrove is serving life for killing three members of his family, including his parents. Pic credit: PA Dept. of Corrections

Fatal Family Feuds is investigating the horrific crimes of Steven Colegrove, who murdered his parents, Joseph and Marlene Colegrove, and his brother, Michael Colegrove, at their home near Wyalusing, Pennsylvania.

On August 8, 2007, sometime during the night, Steven Colegrove shot 60-year-old Joseph, 56-year-old Marlene, and 36-year-old Michael with a 12 gauge shotgun. He shot each of them twice, including once in the head, and fled the scene.

The next day, Pennsylvania State Troopers spoke with Steven, and he informed them he’d spent the night at his home in Deposit, New York, about 75 miles north of Wyalusing.

Steven tried to blame the killings on his third and only surviving brother, Robert Colegrove. He claimed that his mother, Marlene, and Robert were engaged in a feud and that Robert was written out of the will, meaning $100,000 of life insurance money was supposed to go to Michael and Steven.

Both Steven and Robert had been estranged from their parents for at least a couple of years; however, there was evidence that Steven had contact with Marlene and Michael not long before they were murdered.

The cops were suspicious of Steven’s claims and noted that he appeared to contradict himself in a follow-up interview.

The evidence mounted against Steven Colegrove in triple murder case

The troopers also found a shotgun in Steven’s car, and when they asked to see his shoulder, they noted he had bruises consistent with someone who had recently fired the weapon.

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Forensic detectives examined the shotgun, and they found some of Michael’s blood on the barrel. They also discovered DNA from an unknown source, which was seized on by Steven’s legal team as possible evidence of another individual’s guilt. However, further testing revealed the mystery DNA came from a technician at the lab.

The police gathered testimony from Steven’s friends and ex-girlfriend, who all claimed the killer had told them he would soon be coming into some money.

When the case came to trial, Steven’s attorney continued to argue that the murders were committed by Robert or other accomplices, but eventually, the jury sided with the prosecution.

Steven Colegrove is serving a life sentence for the murders

Steven Colegrove was convicted of murder. The jury could not agree on the death penalty, so the defendant was given an automatic life sentence.

The killer is permanently incarcerated at the SCI Phoenix Project prison in Collegeville, PA.

The Colegrove family was struck by tragedy once again in 2013, when Robert was killed in a car crash in Lemon Township, near Tunkhannock, PA. He was 40.

Fatal Family Feuds airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Oxygen.

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