Savannah Fuchs and her son barely survive attack from vicious neighbor: Watch on Investigation Discovery

Police crime scene tape

Savannah Fuchs, of North Ogden, Utah, underwent a dreadful ordeal at the hands of a neighbor in 2014. Held captive and beaten for nearly an hour in her own home, she feared for her life and the life of her 6-year-old son.

In April 2014, after spending months harassing Fuchs, Barber entered her townhouse and crept into her bedroom, where he switched on the lights. He had brought a gun, duct tape, zip ties, and most terrifyingly body bags. Fuchs later stated that he had come to rape her and then kill her and her 6-year-old son.

Fuchs endured an hour of beatings when Barber constantly struck her with his gun; on several occasions he actually fired the weapon at Fuchs. She later required 60 staples and 50 stitches.

After an hour of beatings and torture Barber dialed 911, he requested an ambulance and the police. When the police knocked on the door, he shot himself in the head.

Fuchs believes her survival was a miracle and that an angel was watching over herself and her son. She claims an angel motioned to her son to keep upstairs and away from harm.

Fuchs and Barber lived in conjoining townhouses, sharing a common wall. Barber was Christian, and Fuchs was Jewish; most of his harassment of her seemed to based on his religious beliefs. He would scrawl religious messages on her front porch, such as “Pray for forgiveness.”

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On one occasion, Barber used a ladder to put a Christian fish symbol on her second-floor window. He also scratched the same symbol onto her car with a key. Fuch’s says she even caught him staring into her windows at odd times in the night.

Fuchs repeatedly told police of the harassment and how frightened she was of Barber, and the police did speak to him on several occasions; however, the harassment continued. After the attack, Fuchs filed a lawsuit with the city of North Ogden, blaming the police for not doing enough to protect her from the neighbor. However, the lawsuit was dismissed.

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