Roosevelt Myles has spent 27 years in prison for murdering Shaharian Brandon: But is there Reasonable Doubt?

Roosevelt Myles poses for a family photo
Roosevelt Myles was 28 when he was charged with murder; he is now due for release at 55. Pic credit: Family photo

This week Reasonable Doubt takes on the case of Roosevelt Miles, who was convicted of murdering Chicago Teenager, 16-year-old Shaharian “Tony” Brandon, in 1992.

Brandon and his girlfriend, Octavius Morris, walked out of her home at 2:45 am one night when he was gunned down. Morris was unharmed in the incident.

Morris first told the police that there had been two gunmen, both of whom were in their teens. Three weeks later, Morris changed her story claiming it was just one shooter, 28-year-old Myles.

The cops arrested Morris and charged him with the murder, and he was sentenced to 60-years in prison. Myles has now spent 27 years in prison for a crime he insists he is entirely innocent.

Roosevelt Myles says lead detective beat him

Roosevelt Myles claims Chicago police framed him and that inadequate public defenders did little to prove his innocence. He also accuses the lead detective on his case, Anthony Wojcik, of repeatedly beating him with a flashlight and a phone book in an attempt to force him to confess.

Wojcik had worked with infamous Chicago detective Reynaldo Guevara who has been accused of framing over 50 people of murder over two decades from the 1980s to 2000s.

Two years after her boyfriend’s murder, Morris again changed her story claiming that police officers had pressurized her into blaming Myles.

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There was no DNA or physical evidence to link Myles to the crime, and his conviction was based on the testimony of Octavius Morris, who has continuously changed her story.

Myles states that his original attorneys had failed to call three alibi witnesses that would have exonerated him. Unfortunately, for Myles, one of those witnesses has since died.

In 1999 an appeal court ruled that Myles had the right to argue that his lawyers had been ineffective, but amazingly, he is still waiting for his day in court. His right to argue his defense has now been delayed over 70 times.

Myles has earned time off his sentence for good behavior and is now due for release in August 2020 when he hopes to settle down with his fiance of 8-years Tonya Crowder finally.

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