Peggy Klinke was stalked and finally murdered by ex-boyfriend Patrick Kennedy: Profiled on Your Worst Nightmare

    Peggy Klinke and Patrick Kennedy on a ski slope. Pic credit: ID/YouTubePeggy Klinke was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Patrick Kennedy, after he subjected her to over a year of harassment. Pic credit: ID/YouTube

This week on Your Worst Nightmare, the tragic murder of Peggy Klinke, who tried to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend, but lost her life instead.

After months of harassment, Patrick Kennedy finally tracked down Peggy and attacked her in her home in Turlock, California.

Peggy Klinke had moved from her home in Poland, Ohio, to Albuquerque, NM, to enroll in medical school at the University of New Mexico.

When she arrived in Albuquerque, she began dating Patrick Lee Kennedy. At first, he seemed like an incredibly charming young man, but he soon showed that he could also be very domineering.

According to Peggy’s friends, she was incredibly unhappy in the relationship and wished to end things with Kennedy; however, she was afraid to break up with him because of what he might do to her.

Peggy endured three years of this miserable union before she finally decided she’d had enough and ended it. Unfortunately, Kennedy began his harassment of her immediately, and it lasted for over a year before he murdered her.

The harassment followed Peggy across the country; Kennedy daubed offensive graffiti on her mom’s garage in Poland, Ohio. He also set fire to her new boyfriend’s home in Albuquerque.

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Peggy Klinke fled the state in fear of Patrick Kennedy

Peggy feared that her life was in danger, so she upped sticks and moved to Turlock, California. She also filed a restraining order against Kennedy, but the process was never completed.

In 2003, Kennedy used a private detective to locate Peggy’s apartment in Turlock. He then went to her home armed with a firearm and started trying to break the door down.

Peggy dialed 911 and can be heard telling the dispatcher, “I have a stalker, and he’s in my house. He’s beating the door down,” she repeats, “he’s beating the door down.”

When the dispatcher tells her there is someone on the way, Peggy pleads: “Quickly! If you don’t get here, he’s gonna kill me.”

Patrick Kennedy shot her dead in the back of the head; he then turned the gun on himself.

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Your Worst Nightmare airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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