Murders of Trisha Haynes and Adam Campbell remain unsolved: Still A Mystery investigates

    UpTrisha Haynes and Adam Campbell pose for family picsThe murders of Trisha Haynes and Adam Campbell both remain unsolved. Pic credits: Family pic/ GoFundMe and Justice for Adam Campbell/ Facebook

This week on Still A Mystery, the team is investigating the murders of Trisha Haynes in Grafton, New Hampshire, and Adam Campbell in Escanaba, Michigan.

Both of these two 26-year-olds had their whole lives ahead of them, but somebody took their lives, and both killers remain at large. Still A Mystery delves into their cases to try to get things moving.

The murder of Trisha Haynes

Trisha Haynes had recently moved from Florida to Grafton, New Hampshire, when she disappeared in May 2018.

Trisha’s family became suspicious when they realized they hadn’t heard from her in some time, and alarm bells began ringing when they learned she hadn’t cashed in her social security checks.

After she was reported missing an extensive search involving multiple law enforcement agencies followed; however, searchers remained frustrated for four months.

Trisha was finally discovered in September 2018; tragically, she was found stuffed into a washing machine in Grant’s pond near Grafton. Since then, there have been zero arrests, and the murder remains unsolved.

There is one possible suspect in the form of Douglas Smith Jr., who is currently on the run from the law and has not been seen since he was released on bail at the end of last year.

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Smith is a career criminal from Warner, NH, and is wanted on a wide variety of charges, which include rape and assault.

Smith became a person of interest in the Trisha case when investigators learned that he and his wife shared an apartment with Trisha in Grafton.

The murder of Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell had suffered from a chequered past and had struggled with substance abuse for some time, but by 2011 he appeared to have worked hard and turned his life around.

The 26-year-old was about to enroll as a student at Bay College and had high hopes of someday becoming a substance abuse counselor or even a lawyer.

Unfortunately, his remains were discovered in a burnt-out car in a back alley on the southside of Escanaba. He was last seen alive walking down the street at 2 AM in the morning.

Despite investigators performing numerous interviews and attaining plenty of sworn depositions, they have mostly drawn a blank. The car was checked for forensic evidence, but none was found.

There was a lot of surveillance footage from the numerous bars that Adam visited on the night of his death, but unfortunately, the police have been unable to point out a possible suspect.

There is a reward of up to $6,000 being offered for information that leads police to whoever caused Campbell’s death.

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Still A Mystery airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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